Picture of In-depth Wiimote Whiteboard How-to
This Instructable is an in-depth step by step process on how to create the Wii remote interactive whiteboard, christened the "Wiimote Whiteboard." It will go through the supplies you will need to complete the Wiimote Whiteboard, the free programs that you will need to download, how to construct and Infrared pen, how to connect the Wiimote to the computer and program, where to place the Wiimote for use with the Wiimote Whiteboard, how to calibrate the system, and advice for using it.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
First, you will need some supplies.
- Wii remote with batteries
- Infrared LED
- Momentary switch
- Wires for circuits
- One AAA battery
- One AAA battery holder
- Large highlighter
- Electrical Tape
- Computer with a monitor
- Wire cutter
- USB Bluetooth connector (unless one is already built-in to your computer)
- Exacto-Knife
- *Needle nose pliers
- *Tri-pod
- *Projector (and a surface for projecting)
- *Rubber Bands
- *Pre-made Infrared pen
- *Electrical know how
- *Persistence

*= Optional Materials

Step 2: Software

Picture of Software
Now you need to download a program or two from the Internet.

First, download the actual Wiimote Whiteboard program. For macs, the only one I was able to find was the one at For computers operating on Windows you have a few more options. You can download one off of,, or Johnny Chung Lee's original software at When there, you will have to scroll down to Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote and click on Wiimote Whiteboard v0.3. Linux users can download software at (again) or at

Second, you will need to download Bluesoleil, if you are using a Bluetooth connector that does not provide already software. Most Macs should have Bluetooth built-in, so Bluesoleil should be unnecessary. Windows users should visit and download the software. If you are using Linux, you should visit then download the appropriate file.
dliang2 years ago
Hello, I have gotten through all of the steps, but I can not control the mouse. The calibration worked fine, but after I got through it, the ir pen cannot control the mouse.
I have a laptop connected to a bigger screen (LED), and I'm using that bigger screen.
Should I use the laptop screen instead?
I'm also using the WiimoteWhiteboardv03 to calibrate
Please help and reply ASAP!
Thank you in advance!
dliang dliang2 years ago
Oh and also I am using 64 bit.
maddyvanan2 years ago
jhm soccer ,
thank u very much i was finding diffculty in placing wii as u mentioned after reading ur docu it made easy thank you
We have used the wiimote via blutooth with the driver that allows the wiimote act as a mouse. Then it works with most any program.
A-mac3 years ago

same problem is happening with me like fabzz.. concerning the calibration , i put the wiimote in the center but still if i go right the cursor goes left!when I move the IR to the left it moves to its right in the screen.
do it needs time to find the right calibration ?

Dumchicken4 years ago
finfan75 years ago
This isn't a bad instructable. I congratulate you on your lack of failure. There is a problem though. The wiimote should be at an angle to the screen on your off hand side. If it is in line with the projector your body or hand can get in the way. If it is on your off hand side it sees it from an angle that will almost never be blocked by parts of your body.
 If wii remote is ceiling mounted, it does not need to be off centered or on your off hand side. I use it every day and it is directly above the projector.
The reason I say it should be offset is that with it directly by the projector you have to duck to one  side if you want to draw/drag a click across your shadow.  The deciding factor is really the individual setup and user. 
I prefer a direct / on projector set up to. You have to duck and get out of the way of the Wii remote sometimes, no mater where it is placed. However, if the Wii and the projector on lined up straight, then the shadow of that you are casting in the projector beam tells you exactly where, not to draw. Anyway, I think that it is just good practice as a presenter to duck, and get out of the way of the display as much as possible anyway, so that your audience can see the presentations. I sometimes use a web-cam on a flexible arm as a poor man's document camera. Also, I have a 28 1/2 inch IR pen called the sword II. It makes getting out of the way very smooth and easy. You can see demos at:
jhmsoccer (author)  finfan75 years ago
You are 100% correct, but when the wiimote is on the projector it can still function properly. It is better to be off to the side, but if push comes to shove it'll work on the projector.
fabZ5 years ago
 hy der..
I am new to this community..and I found it very helpful.

I need some help with my wiimote whiteboard.
I am a student, and building something on top of the existing whiteboard project. I tested it a few days back, and its not working as it should. I am facing axis reversal problem, i.e. the +ve x axis is being treated as -ve n vice versa, similar is the case with y axis. Thus, when I move the IR pen to the left it actually moves to its right in the screen and so on. Please tell me what am i doing wrong..I am using front view projected surface.

I learnt alot about the placement of wiimote from your article, and will test my application again with the correct placement of wii.

Thanking you,

Instructables..thnx alot for help..:) 
boonjin fabZ4 years ago

For your issue, most probably it is because of the wrong calibration.

What software are you using for your whiteboard project? 

If you are using the correct warper codes that transforms the points from the perspective of the Wiimote to the screen, the position of the cursor should be correct regardless of whether the image is flipped or not.

Boon Jin
scratchr fabZ5 years ago
did you flip the wii remote flat side up?

The Wii Remote can be placed in any orientation. Most importantly, you would like to place the Wiimote as close as possible to the screen. To ensure that you have optimum position, you can use the Calibration Window in Smoothboard.

Boon Jin

samzamm5 years ago
I have registered smoothboard. I have purchased a Wiimote. I have read and
followed all the instuctions, gone on all the advice sites, tried everything
but I still get "No Wiimotes Found in the HID Device List" message.
boonjin samzamm4 years ago

If you still have the connectivity issues, please do email us directly at admin at We will reply to you personally.

You can also take a look at our Facebook page for tips regarding the connection,

Boon Jin
qballcat5 years ago
Hi, I own a mac and if I want to make a powerpoint and circle or draw things, will this let me do it? 
cougarguy5 years ago
the question I have is can the wii remote see a laser pointer. I dont think its the same kind of light but im not sure.

The Wii Remote can only capture sources and not visible light such as the emitted light from the laser pointer. If you remove the bandpass filter of the Wii Remote, you may able to capture visible light. However, you should use another bandpass filter to filter out unwanted sources. Otherwise, the WIi Remote will just detect random dots.

Boon Jin
RonnieJi5 years ago
This instructable is great!

Latest iWiiBoard Pro V3.9 has built-in automated Wiimote connect feature.
Are there any good alternatives to Bluesoleil for WinXp? The bluetooth adapter I have isn't compatible. And I've been dyin' to do this since Johnny's 'structable... :(
 I have the perfect dongle. visit
I have one but I don't know what it is. I did a google search after I got my dongle and I got mine running. Just search for 'alternative to blue soleil' in google and you are bound to find one.
jhmsoccer (author)  Kanein Encanto5 years ago
I'm sorry, but i haven't heard of any alternatives that work...
IRPete5 years ago Here is a link to a one stop shop for everything that you need to get the interactive whiteboard going.
mrkleing IRPete5 years ago
 Here is one too:
mattdias IRPete5 years ago
 Another website like that is
boonjin5 years ago
For the Wiimote connection, if you are using the MS Bluetooth Stack, youwill be able to connect the Wiimotes automatically with Smoothboard 1.6.

The latest Smoothboard software will automatically learn and connect tothe Wiimotes via the SmoothConnect tool. You will just need to press the1 and 2 buttons simultaneously.

Boon Jin

tanmanknex5 years ago
like your tower holding it up...  looks really precarious.
jhmsoccer (author)  tanmanknex5 years ago
 Oh it was, but it was just because I could fit the Camera tripod in the same spot.
camocam5 years ago
isnt this the same as a promethian activboard?
uberchoob5 years ago
everyone puts a button on the outside...... Why not on the inside?! Build it so it activates the IR LED when pressure is applied to the TIP of the pen. I'll post an instructables when I'm finished, unless some one already has and I'm missing it :-P
Actually there is indeed pressure activated pens available such as from IRPensOnline:

To build a pressure sensitive pen is a bit tricky as the pressure to activate the switch must be consistent and also soft enough for touch.

General instructions to build your own IR pen can be found here:
cyrozap5 years ago
Johnny Chung Lee did something like this a while ago...
jhmsoccer (author)  cyrozap5 years ago
Yes, this was inspired by that, but is more "in-depth" hence the name.