Step 2: Software

Picture of Software
Now you need to download a program or two from the Internet.

First, download the actual Wiimote Whiteboard program. For macs, the only one I was able to find was the one at For computers operating on Windows you have a few more options. You can download one off of,, or Johnny Chung Lee's original software at When there, you will have to scroll down to Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote and click on Wiimote Whiteboard v0.3. Linux users can download software at (again) or at

Second, you will need to download Bluesoleil, if you are using a Bluetooth connector that does not provide already software. Most Macs should have Bluetooth built-in, so Bluesoleil should be unnecessary. Windows users should visit and download the software. If you are using Linux, you should visit then download the appropriate file.
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