For my gifted education class I decided to build the Amp from InFamous. I bought the Hero Edition and it came with the sling the Cole McGrath has so I thought it would be cool to have an Amp to go along with it. 
I made the Amp for like $20. I used A LOT  of PVC pipe and metallic spray paint. The brown blueprints are rough sketches that I made quickly in class. The white blueprints are the master blueprints and it took me a week to design. The hooks and string are to keep the amp from falling through the sling pack. The metal plates are reinforcement struts so in theory I can actually beat something with it. 
Can you send me the instructions
RBone9010 months ago
This looks amazing, can you send me the instructions?
thing 23 years ago
RSV263 years ago
THAT IS SO COOL!!! beyond
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Nice, looks just like the one from the game. Plans to make it glow, maybe another prop from Infamous?
keyblade4321 (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
I dont plan to make it glow but im not really sure what other infamous props i could make... Maybe the ray sphere.
lafnbear3 years ago
So, cool I guess, but what's this got to do with gifted education?
keyblade4321 (author)  lafnbear3 years ago
The class is pretty much BS so we can do any project we want. i chose to prop designing.