Incan Man Power Thief





Introduction: Incan Man Power Thief

This slideshow is of "Incan Man".

I submit it as evidence of the power thieving ways of the Incandescent globe.

For many years this little guy has been pinching our valuable energy.

This thanks to me, can now be ceased in a few simple steps.

Capture "Incan Man"

Free yourself of his evil ways and you too can reduce your unknown energy consumption.



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    Florescent bulbs cause RF fuzz and it's annoying when you're working with electronics under them, I like incandescent bulbs.

    I liked Incandescent too, yet what a price we paid for them.

    In cold climates the standard incandescent bulb which gives back 90% of the energy input as heat... warms our houses and offices. Our well pump house has a light bulb keeping it warm, it would freeze our pump and destroy it if not for the warm bulb. Insulation is never enough no matter how much is installed. Insulation does not produce heat to keep the equipment from freezing and expanding and cracking the thousands of dollars of water pumping equipment.

    Long live the heat bulb! (In necessary situations of course.) :)

    This i why we've invented LED's.