Do you have a lot of free time?Do you have a hollowed out light bulb or two?Do you have a lot of fancy power tools that you desperately want to use? Do you like wood? Well this instructable might just be for you. I'll explain how to make a simple, and decorative light bulb stand. If you need to know how to hollow out a lightbulb, look at this site:

Step 1: Getting the Materials

First you need the materials.Naturally, this being my first instructable, I forgot to put a few things in the first picture. But do not yet lose hope! I listed them id separate pictures.

Here's a complete list:

1 Hollowed out incandecent light bulb
1 can of paint
1 cloths hanger wire
1 ruler with with cm or inch
1 dremel drill
1 large piece of quarter inch plywood
1 piece of 40 grit sandpaper
1 pencil
1 saw
1 permanent marker
2 nails
2 screws with washers
1 screwdriver
1 pair of goggles
Nice job, Here is another one posted a while ago..&lt;br/&gt;<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Light-Bulb-Vase/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Light-Bulb-Vase/</a>&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
That link redirects to this instructable...
No, it redirects to my instructable I'm fairly sure! They are very similar, so its easy to be confused.
It used to, I swear... I must have been hallucinating.
Thanks! That vase instructable looks pretty good. Too bad I didn't have any good wood.
I actually carved a bulb stand out of a piece of wood with an exacto-knife and just started the decorative carving when my sister's dog stole it off the table and ate it. Then my bulb disappeared.
Thank you for commenting on my instructable! I should try carving a stand out of wood with exacto knives. Thanks for the advice.
If you do try it be sure to get some sandpaper and a second block of wood. The exacto method can be kind of inexact. It can leave a kind of scalloped surface. But a quick go with a sanding block makes it smooth much quicker than a slow shaving
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