Picture of Incandecent light bulb stand.
Do you have a lot of free time?Do you have a hollowed out light bulb or two?Do you have a lot of fancy power tools that you desperately want to use? Do you like wood? Well this instructable might just be for you. I'll explain how to make a simple, and decorative light bulb stand. If you need to know how to hollow out a lightbulb, look at this site:

Step 1: Getting the materials

Picture of Getting the materials
First you need the materials.Naturally, this being my first instructable, I forgot to put a few things in the first picture. But do not yet lose hope! I listed them id separate pictures.

Here's a complete list:

1 Hollowed out incandecent light bulb
1 can of paint
1 cloths hanger wire
1 ruler with with cm or inch
1 dremel drill
1 large piece of quarter inch plywood
1 piece of 40 grit sandpaper
1 pencil
1 saw
1 permanent marker
2 nails
2 screws with washers
1 screwdriver
1 pair of goggles
rojo6 years ago
Nice job, Here is another one posted a while ago..<br/>http://www.instructables.com/id/Light-Bulb-Vase/<br/>
spork969 rojo6 years ago
That link redirects to this instructable...
sam spork9696 years ago
No, it redirects to my instructable I'm fairly sure! They are very similar, so its easy to be confused.
spork969 sam6 years ago
It used to, I swear... I must have been hallucinating.
Solderguy (author)  rojo6 years ago
Thanks! That vase instructable looks pretty good. Too bad I didn't have any good wood.
finfan76 years ago
I actually carved a bulb stand out of a piece of wood with an exacto-knife and just started the decorative carving when my sister's dog stole it off the table and ate it. Then my bulb disappeared.
Solderguy (author)  finfan76 years ago
Thank you for commenting on my instructable! I should try carving a stand out of wood with exacto knives. Thanks for the advice.
If you do try it be sure to get some sandpaper and a second block of wood. The exacto method can be kind of inexact. It can leave a kind of scalloped surface. But a quick go with a sanding block makes it smooth much quicker than a slow shaving
Solderguy (author) 6 years ago
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