Picture of Incandescent Bulb Wall Sconce Illuminated with LED Bar and Puck Lights
Hello, Tara here, one of Elemental LED's Customer Service Reps with yet another upcycled DIY project!

I find that beauty lies within the eye of the beholder and with a little creativity you can transform an object that has lost its purpose and give it a whole new lease on life. Being eco-conscious doesn't have to mean you lose on style!

My inspiration to create this wall sconce was to find a way to display old incandescent bulbs in a way to diffuse LED lights - a play on old and new technology. It would take an estimate of a little over 3,000 watts to power the old technology that illuminates from the newer more efficient 30 watts of LEDs.

Materials I used for my project:
  1. Cree 3W Dimmable LED Puck Lights 
  2. 3 15" High Power Brushed Aluminum Under Cabinet Fixtures
  3. 12v Inline dimmer switch
  4. DC plug 1 meter extension cable
  5. 36 watt plug-in adapter
  6. 5-way splitter plug
  7. Particle board 
  8. Aluminum spray paint
  9. Old and used incandescent bulbs
  10. Garden trellis
  11. Craft wire
  12. Needle nose plyers
  13. Hot glue gun and hot glue
  14. U - bracket for mounting with screws
  15. Electric Drill

Step 1: Creating the Frame

Picture of Creating the Frame
photo 7.jpg
I found a rectangular piece of plywood in a neighboring dumpster where an apartment had been renovated as well as border garden wire frames. I divided the wire frames by their hinges and placed one on top of the other facing opposite directions to provide support. I took three sections and wired them together and spun additional craft wire to form X shapes to support the incandescent bulbs.

Contacting local lighting designers, showrooms and recycled craft stores I compiled a few dozen bulbs ranging from 750 watts to 20 watts taking all different shapes and sizes highlighting the filament and intricate shapes by placing them randomly throughout the frame to give a whimsical design. To adhere the bulbs I used craft wire and hot glue.
Advar1 year ago
Whoa... This would be an excellent Steampunk mini chandelier
Advar Advar1 year ago
Oh, uh, awsome and cool! :)
sunpialia2 years ago
You have made a good research on the actual saving of the government with led lights.
l8nite2 years ago
great repurposing and a very interesting looking light fixture
flyingpuppy2 years ago
This is lovely. Quite ethereal, and I bet the shadow/light it casts is even cooler. Well done on so many levels!
jhvh.one2 years ago
great design! gives me all kinds of ideas...
diam122 years ago
you spent 300 dollars on LED lights plus the other matterials, that seems expensive for a recylce sconce project.
jhvh.one diam122 years ago
note that the author works for the company who supplies the lights.
your mileage may very. what sort of lights can you source?
wow. this is stunning. i love the form and refractiveness of the light bulbs. great job.
Elemental LED (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Thank you very much! The shapes it creates on the wall are beautiful - may add a photo in the future. Hope it inspired you to create something similar of your own :)