Incense Holder With Pistachio Shells





Introduction: Incense Holder With Pistachio Shells

Burning incense is very relaxing and my favorite are the “Padmini Dhoop sticks”.

They originate from India and have a high fragrance. So, all these days I have been burning them in the small metal eyelet that is designed to hold the stick on the Padmini dhoop sticks box. I have been thinking to make one out of clay/polymer clay. Polymer clay wasn't ideal because these incense sticks doesn't have the wood core.

Well, inspired from floral pistachio shell projects I thought this is the perfect time to upcyle the shells I have been saving for quite some time now :-)

Supplies you need are - Pista shells, Hot Glue gun, Cardboard for base, Air dry clay,Spray paint

Step 1: Take a Sturdy Cardboard As a Base, Here I Used the Base of Empty Salt Carton.

Step 2: Start From the Outer Layer. Glue the Shells Upside Down to the Cardboard Circle.

Step 3: Glue the Second Layer. Use a Dab of Hot Glue to the Pista Shell and Stick It on to the Cardboard Like Shown Below.

Step 4: Continue to Glue Towards the Center

Step 5: Fill the Center With a Piece of Air Dry Clay and Create a Hole With the Incense Stick.

Step 6: Leave the Clay to Dry for Couple of Hours and Use Spray Paint of Your Choice and You Have the Incense Holder Ready to Use?



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    That looks great. I also think that it is pretty cool that you made it with pistachio shells.