This is a fun cheap way to make a BANG. Only using some strike anywhere matches and a stinger blow dart and a blow gun (don't worry they are reusable).

Step 1: Preparing the Ammo

remove the actual metal part of the dart like the picture (keep the dart so you can put it back together later).
&quot;Incindairy&quot; makes me think of exploding cows.&nbsp; I know, I know, it's a terrible pun.&nbsp; Simply abominable.<br />
i think of cows drinking and driving while eating lit matches
HAAHAAA!!!&nbsp;THATS&nbsp;HILARIOUS!! I&nbsp;WOULD&nbsp;OF&nbsp;NEVER&nbsp;seen it that way!
its a bought one, you can buy em at cabelas for like 20 bucks, thats where i got mine
Did you make of buy that blowgun? because it's pretty epic looking.
Yes you make scared i love that and this 'ible it is cool thankz for makin it
tactical blow gun u got there<br />
Thanks, I found out it works on the bottom of a shoe too, so if you have a sibling&nbsp; that's being a jerk you can shoot their shoe :)<br />
haha ok

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