This is a fun cheap way to make a BANG. Only using some strike anywhere matches and a stinger blow dart and a blow gun (don't worry they are reusable).

Step 1: Preparing the Ammo

remove the actual metal part of the dart like the picture (keep the dart so you can put it back together later).

Step 2: Creating the Incinarary Dart

Now place the metal piece in a safe spot for later. Take a STRIKE ANYWHERE match it has to be a strike anywhere match to work

Step 3: Firing the Dart

(Sorry I don't have any more pictures) now load this dart into the dart gun and shoot at hard surfaces like concrete, hard wood, and other hard rough surfaces. REMEMBER TO ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST!
&quot;Incindairy&quot; makes me think of exploding cows.&nbsp; I know, I know, it's a terrible pun.&nbsp; Simply abominable.<br />
i think of cows drinking and driving while eating lit matches
HAAHAAA!!!&nbsp;THATS&nbsp;HILARIOUS!! I&nbsp;WOULD&nbsp;OF&nbsp;NEVER&nbsp;seen it that way!
its a bought one, you can buy em at cabelas for like 20 bucks, thats where i got mine
Did you make of buy that blowgun? because it's pretty epic looking.
Yes you make scared i love that and this 'ible it is cool thankz for makin it
tactical blow gun u got there<br />
Thanks, I found out it works on the bottom of a shoe too, so if you have a sibling&nbsp; that's being a jerk you can shoot their shoe :)<br />
haha ok

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