Including Video to Your Web Page So You Can Increase Content Material and Get Much Better Search Engine Ranking


Introduction: Including Video to Your Web Page So You Can Increase Content Material and Get Much Better Search Engine Ranking

Something which a lot of people don't think about is adding video to their websites in order to add content and to help with their search engine positioning. You will also find that this is a thing that can be done rather easily and also something that can improve your search positions in the search engines almost immediately. In addition you will also be introducing more content to your site, which of course Google loves. Every person should have video on their website and you will find out how vital it can be by the end of this post.

The first thing that you will require is a video for your web page. You basically have a pair of choices when it comes to the video, you can either get one from YouTube or you can make your own video. With that in mind you should understand that creating your own video is going to be the best option. When you produce this video you have the option to speak about your niche or you can just advertise your product in the video.

In relation to helping with your search engine ranking you will see that just by adding a video Google will count that as content material on your site. One thing it's also wise to do with this video is to let YouTube to host it for you and add the video to your website working with the YouTube embedded link, as this creates a link to YouTube on your site. Who you link to is very important to Google, so when you add the video like this, you will be creating a link to YouTube. So when you are linking to powerful sites like YouTube, you will notice that Google will give your site a lot of love. video production company oxford

Now one more thing you will soon find out is that when individuals check out your video and they like it, they may very well place a link on their website pointing to the video on your site. As I am certain you know backlinks are another key to good ranking and when individuals link to your site you are acquiring backlinks.

And one final way that including video to your website can help is because Google also ranks your web page by how long folks stay on your site. If your web page visitors only stay momentarily, Google will feel that your site is not very valuable. Having said that, if people come to your site and spend time there watching your video, Google will also recognize that and reward your site with better rankings. Not to mention, the longer you have people on your web page, the better the possibility that they will purchase something or even click on one of your Adsense ads.

You ought to know that the reasons we have given you here really should be more than enough of a reason for you to add video to your website. Yet another good reason for you to make your own video is that it is a great way to brand yourself as well as your products. You will see that you can make a video utilizing a screen capture software or even a camcorder, but the primary key to the video is to make it entertaining so people will want to watch it.



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