Sometimes I want to Staple pieces of cardboard together but i can't because standard staplers have a short stapling depth.

In this short instructable, I will show you how I improved its design.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • A Stapler.
  • Cooking tweezers.
  • Double compound epoxy.
  • A masking tape.
  • Small metal saw.
  • A metal file.
  • A Glue clamp

Step 2: Cut and File the Stapler

Cut the stapler in 2 and file it with the metal saw, also from above and bottom to ensure that the epoxy sticks better.

Step 3: Glue It

Prepare the epoxy and spread a generous layer on the top and bottom of the stapler, then align the tweezers on it and clamp them together.

Optional but Important: You need to align the staple bender ( the metal piece on the bottom part of the stapler ) to the top part where the staples come so that when you staple them, they close correctly...if they don't align correctly, you 'll end up with a crocked stapler :D.

Let it dry for an hour or so.


<p>I tried to make something similar to this about 15 years ago (using some flat steel welded to a strap hinge with a standard stapler) and just wound up ruining a decent stapler, etc. Your method probably works better, but you can buy what they call a &quot;long-reach stapler&quot; from Amazon or eBay for not<em> too much</em> more than a regular decent stapler ($12-25). These have an adjustable stop on them that allows you to put the staples where you <em>want</em> them (as in to make booklets). Either way, while they are great when you need one, most people don't use them very often and they're a pain to store,</p>
<p>Brilliant life hack!</p>
<p>+1!</p><p>That's a great idea!</p>
<p>Brilliant life hack!</p>

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