Step 4: Increase the NiMh battery's useful life

Picture of Increase the NiMh battery's useful life
Maintaining the NiMh batteries is easier because unlike the Nicad batteries, they have no memory effect...

Here is a few ways to extend the NiMh battery's useful life...
  • In every few months or so, completely discharge the NiMh battery and recharge them again. Doing so will prevent crystals forming inside the battery...
  • Do not leave the NiMh batteries in the discharge state as the crystals will begin to grow inside the batteries and result a permeant damage to the NiMh batteries.
  • Use smart chargers. It may be expensive but it will increase the NiMh battery's life. If you don't use the smart chargers but use ordinary chargers, you are very likely to overcharge the NiMh batteries, and that can result a permeant damage to the NiMh batteries...
  • Store them in a cool, dry, and non-corrosive place. It will extend the NiMh battery's life.
tucsonics3 years ago
I read various places to discharge a NiMH before recharging but what is considered discharged? 0.5V for a AA 1.2V 1500mAh type? And how fast should it be discharged? 0.1A or 1A?
Madrias3575 years ago
I will mention here that 15 to 45 minutes of high-amp (10A+) charging will revive large capacity NiMH cells. I don't recommend such vicious amperage on smaller cells...