Step 4: Increase the NiMh Battery's Useful Life

Maintaining the NiMh batteries is easier because unlike the Nicad batteries, they have no memory effect...

Here is a few ways to extend the NiMh battery's useful life...
  • In every few months or so, completely discharge the NiMh battery and recharge them again. Doing so will prevent crystals forming inside the battery...
  • Do not leave the NiMh batteries in the discharge state as the crystals will begin to grow inside the batteries and result a permeant damage to the NiMh batteries.
  • Use smart chargers. It may be expensive but it will increase the NiMh battery's life. If you don't use the smart chargers but use ordinary chargers, you are very likely to overcharge the NiMh batteries, and that can result a permeant damage to the NiMh batteries...
  • Store them in a cool, dry, and non-corrosive place. It will extend the NiMh battery's life.
<p>Non rechargable batteries could be rechargable with a Bedini-Imhotep fan (to prevent heating). It doesn't last that long as new and if repeated it loose efficiency. </p>
<p>I use a Vaio laptop with a Vaio wireless mouse. And my mouse consumes batteries like crazy! So i after two weeks of using two Duracell batteries, i always charge them even though they're not rechargeable, after every charge for about 6-7 hours, they would serve for a few days. I think it only depends on what batteries and what charger are you using. </p>
I have got a charger that charges all alkaline batteries, it works great ( made to charge Nimh, nicad,also. I just make sure it is on the correct setting. Doodado
NiCad do not need to be regularly discharged. &nbsp;&quot;Memory&quot; is a myth. &nbsp;Doing so will only use up the cycle life faster. &nbsp; You are sorta right about NiMh. &nbsp;They do form plate crystallization - but so do NiCad. &nbsp;And also it take a lot longer than a few months. &nbsp;Also more important for NiMh is leaving them discharged below 1v per cell causes oxidation of the plates. &nbsp;Though, it take more than a few months. &nbsp;It depends on the brand of NiMh - some are more resistant so oxidation than others. &nbsp;Take low self-discharge types sitting on a shelf.&nbsp; They'll take a decade to get below 1v. &nbsp;So they are inherently very resistant to oxidation as long as they aren't left in a device that slowly discharges them.
Memory is a myth? Oh my I beg to differ! Although yes indeed this phenomenon has been eliminated it is not a myth. And to be fair you are sorta' right about Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries... I will not go into the long story about my experiences with this in the Navy, but instead will provide a link to the best description I have found on-line. http://www.matronics.com/aeroelectric/articles/Ni-Cd_Memory.pdf I hope this helps clear up the confusion.
Carefully controlled conditions in a lab are needed to reproduce the original, classic condition that created the concept of &quot;memory&quot;. That is the classic &quot;memory&quot; of voltage depression due to discharging to the same point repeatedly. It just doesn't happen in real life due to the discharge point has to be extremely close for it to be reproduced. <br> <br>It may have existed or does exist, but realistically it just doesn't happen in real life day to day usage. How can you &quot;eliminate&quot; something that you can't even prove that may or may not have even existed? <br> <br>These days, &quot;memory&quot; is used by people to describe any sort of cell failure to hold charge. Like plate crystallization will cause people to scream &quot;memory&quot;. I don't like to use the word &quot;memory&quot; since these days it's a blanket statement and doesn't hold true anymore to the original meaning, of which that something may or may not even exist. <br> <br>Why people still continue to perpetuate the &quot;memory myth&quot; is beyond astounding. In doing so, people will heavily deeply discharge their cells believing their actions will make their cells healthier, but in reality they are probably doing more harm than good in the process. I know one thing for sure: that deeply discharging cells wears them out faster. You can do it occasionally, but certainly not every time or frequently on purpose. Memory? How can I tell someone to do something based purely on belief and the thing may not/have even existed? <br>
Although you are correct about people using the term memory to describe many different problems regarding charging and discharging batteries. <br>Unfortunately you seem a bit confused about the actual logistics of the original term &quot;memory&quot; referring to battery charge-discharge issues. I originally left a link explaining the phenomenon as it originally occurred on our Navy submarines, certainly not Lab produced results. I'm hoping it doesn't take another year to hear your opinions though!
I read various places to discharge a NiMH before recharging but what is considered discharged? 0.5V for a AA 1.2V 1500mAh type? And how fast should it be discharged? 0.1A or 1A?
there's even more battery's then that but most aren't used at all anymore, or don't provide enough energy for today's electronics goods
I will mention here that 15 to 45 minutes of high-amp (10A+) charging will revive large capacity NiMH cells. I don't recommend such vicious amperage on smaller cells...
ensuring that you never allow the battery to run too low does. Laptop batteries do not contain&lt;a href=http://www.goodlaptopbattery.com.au/acer/aspire-5550.htm&gt;acer aspire 5550 battery&lt;/a&gt; matched cells, http://www.goodlaptopbattery.com.au/acer/aspire-5550.htm and therefore it is possible when you allow your battery to run very low for one or more cells to completely <a href="http://www.goodlaptopbattery.com.au/acer/aspire-5580.htm" rel="nofollow">acer aspire 5580 battery</a> discharge before the others. Once completely discharged a Li-Ion cell is destroid. It is also important to remember that Li-Ion batteries discharge when not in use.
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