Introduction: Increase Battery Life for Electronics

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Take out the used up batteries

Step 1: Press Battery

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now press the battery with help of pliers at various positions.
Do the same with second battery

Step 2: You Have Done

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now plug back the batteries back to remote.
they will work like as earlier


astroajay (author)2011-08-20

this is only a temporary solution...the effects of this dont last very long...your battery will still die soon..what this does is typically give you some extra bonus working time while you go out to buy a new pair of batteries...we used to do this in our hostel at school, coz batteries were hard to come by....

samalert (author)2009-05-24

yup i too agree but usually needs to be done when battery gets dead to excite it just deform it a bit so as to re-establish the reactions and special precautions to be taken that the chemicals dont spill out during deformation

dombeef (author)2008-12-15


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dark sponge (author)2008-08-24


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