You need root to make this process.

But works any way

You can play grand theft auto with this trick.

Step 1: Things Needed

An android phone *duh*


An external mini SD card


A brain *hard 2 find*

Step 2: İnstall App

Its called *Root External 2 Internal SD*

Dont worry it hasnt got any virus on it.


Step 3: Go Into Settings

Check the *send rescan* box

and input *The ext. sdcard device access* as /dev/block/vold/179:33, not 49

Step 4: Then Press External>Internal

İts best you uncheck *At boot* option though

Step 5: You Have a Phone With Many Many Empty Spaces.

Your'e welcome

<p>Still da same</p>
<p>another great success that words (or comments) can not explain</p>

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