Here I'll show you how to make use of an often neglected functionality in Firefox, keyword bookmarks.Used correctly, they can eliminate many of the annoyances of everyday web browsing and make using online services more convenient.

Step 1: Basic keyword bookmarks

To begin using keywords in Firefox, you need to set a bookmark for the page that you want to use the keyword with. In this example, I'm modifying my bookmark that points to engadget.com from my bookmarks toolbar.

When you add a bookmark, it's as simple as typing the keyword into the "Keyword" section of the window. Here, I've used "engad".

Now, when I type the word "engad" into the address bar, Firefox will go straight to engadget.
<p>Ohh that amazing. I never thought about this </p>
<p>ahh... I never used it.</p><p>thanks</p>
This trick is awesome! Nice 'ible!
Woah dude. This is mega cool. Thanks a heap. 5 star favourite.
Cool, at least one person reads the Firefox documentation.

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