Well I FINALLY finished my second Wii Mod!!! The Incredible HULK custom Wii. I took your guys advice and through this one on e-bay already! Hopefully It will make me some dough! This Instructable will be very similar to my Super Mario Wii except it has a couple of extra things!!

I am not responsible if you screw up your Wii, you Will void your warranty if you open the Wii case!Please read ahead but mod at your own risk!

Step 1: Things Needed

You will need:

A Wii
Tri wing / Phillips screwdriver
Bondo / silicone mold
Some Styrofoam
Hulk action figure
wire, solder, soldering iron, usb male & female
And some Balls to take apart your Wii!
this instead of the wii and hulk it could be the ps3 and kratos :D (from god of war) and if it was for xbox 360 it could be master chief (from Halo)
just as amazing as your super mario one :0
this is good to...
i'd pay $1000 (or more) for a harvest moon wii!!!!!!!!!!! or even just to see it =p<br/><br/>you are the coolest!!!<br/>
I love all the little details. You are so talented. I wish Nintendo made these custom Wiis. I can imagine a Mario Bro's Princess one for the girls....? lol
You Wii mods are Rad! I wish I had the time to do these types of things. Keep up the awesome work.
I am so impressed, very nice work! I had to <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ngamer.se/2008/11/20/nytt-skal-till-din-wii-basenhet/">post this</a> on our swedish blog <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ngamer.se">www.ngamer.se</a>. We are looking forward to your next creation! <br/>
THats Classic!
What is this bondo that your using? The only bondo I can think of is the kind used on auto bodys.
he means the kind used on auto bodys
just sent the link to engadget, ill reply if they post.
I think on your mario wii you asked if people would post places where they saw it on the web. Heres one:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://geekadelphia.com/2008/07/04/hulk-smash-gorgeous-custom-painted-nintendo-wii/&amp;owa_from=feed/">http://geekadelphia.com/2008/07/04/hulk-smash-gorgeous-custom-painted-nintendo-wii/&amp;owa_from=feed/</a><br/>
I mean it make the next Lego Star-Wars themed and include a copy of Wii lego star-wars in the auction!
Actually... I think this is such a cool ideal... Kudos!!!
That's amazing! Fantastic detail work. I can't wait to see what you do next.
I hope this makes a lot of money, because it’s clear you put a lot of attention into this project. Also, you might want to advertise a little bit more about the fact that there also getting the game by like adding a picture of it or something, but can you go back and edit it?
Haha, make a beach party inspired one :P. It would sell to some freak in the middle of nowhere. Lmao! No Kidding, VERY VERY NICE!! Keep up the great work!! -gamer
Looks awesome. Very professional.
Yeah, the names of the bidders are usually names of accounts which are used to up the final price.
Damn! And I thought the mario one was impressive. Next mod, I want an lcd screen on the side of the Wii so that I can play space invaders or donkey kong while I wait 10 minutes for the wii's opera browser to load. Just wishful thinking.
Damn. And I thought the mario one was impressive. I want an lcd screen on the side next time so I can play space invaders while I wait 5 minutes for the wii's opera browser to load. Just wishful thinking.
It's up to $255 But the names of the bidders look suspicious. Cool idea I hope you make lots of $$$$
I thought would not be able to top your Mario Wii, but this one did it. Great job.
&quot;So what do you guys think?&quot;<br/><br/>Godly. =D<br/>My guess is people would pay big money for customized consoles. If you ever want to become a millionaire: start a business. They'd sell like hotcakes. <br/>(If hotcakes sold fast...)<br/>
Thank you for donating the money to a diabetes charity!!!!!!!!!!!
these things are amazing keep em coming you should design a zelda themed one
Chances are you've been told this at least twice today, but. You're awesome. Seriously. I'd probably put a bid in but A. Already have one, and B. live in Australia.
pretty snazzy
Very nice.
wow man, just amazing i wish i could do things that great

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