Incredible Hulk Costume





Introduction: Incredible Hulk Costume

This year for Halloween, my little brother wanted to be hulk. This is how I made it. For the build you'll need a green sweatshirt and sweatpants, old shorts, jeans, pants, etc., a hulk mask, mud boots(or any rubber boot), green paint or spray paint(same green as your sweats), football pads, hulk hands, green face makeup or paint, and optional polyester stuffing. Have fun with this one. I know we did!

Step 1: The Lower Body

This part consists of the waist to the ankles. First, put on the green sweats. Next, find how far down the knee is on your pants. Now, for the hulk pants, you could use anything, we used the sweats because they were easiest for me to work with. After finding your place, cut them off in a jagged form to give it a shredded and torn look. For additional muscle mass, you could stuff the pants with polyester stuffing.

Step 2: Upper Body

For the upper body(waist to neck ), first put on the shoulder pads. They should fit nice. You can usually find these at a thrift shop if you or your child doesn't play. Then, put the sweatshirt on over top of them. Tuck it into the sweatpants. Again, to add more muscle mass, you can stuff the shirt with polyester stuffing.

Step 3: The Feet

This is where you need the boots. Sand the boots so they are slightly rough. This helps the paint stick to the rubber. Spray or hand paint them the same shade of green as the sweats using a flexible paint. Wear tucked inside the sweatpants.

Step 4: The Rest.

If your hair isn't naturally black, use that hair spray coloring stuff to make it black. If the mask's shade doesn't match the shade of the sweats, tape off the hair and teeth and paint it using any leftover paint from the boots. Same for the hands. When putting it all together, use face makeup to cover your neck, eyelids, and behind the ears. Put the ends of the sleeves over the back of the hulk hands. Now go out there and smash your way through the crowd!



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    Yes! I love all of you! Thank you for your support!

    what about me

    Ohhhhhh my lord, this is fantastic!!

    cute kid, and some neat ideas; ya' got any pics of it finished? (with the green paint n' makeup etc)

    Thank you kyluddy:)

    I think it was very creative and cool :)