I have been the designated cake maker in my house for years. This includes birthdays for my family of six, and cake for fun. So for my little brothers birthday, I set my sights on a theme I knew he would love, The Incredible Hulk. This was decided after him coming up to me at random moments ( like when I was reading ), screaming HULK SMASH, at the top of his lungs and making me scream like a little girl. So with the theme picked I went the simple route, a Pillsbury Devils Food Cake, and cream cheese icing. ( He was turning three, don't judge me people.) You can also check out the Hulk sheet cake I made at the end of the instructable. These were super easy to make and didn't take that long, make sure to leave a picture if oyu make them! Thanks for reading, I hope you like it. Don't be afraid to leave comments! Excelsior!

Step 1: Supplies!

I went a quick and easy route becuase we were going to the park after cake, and I was making them that day so they would be fresh. I also made them that day to keep prying eyes ( the trouble musketeers ) from finding out.

What you'll need:

Cake Mix ( I used Pillsbury Devils Food, yummy and easy)
Eggs, Water, Oil, Or whatever other ingredients you'll need to make your cake
Heaping Tablespoon of Love ( makes everything taste better )
Icing ( I used a store brand cream cheese icing )
Cupcake Liners ( not a nescessity )
Green Food Coloring
Dec-A-Cake Black Icing
Sandwhich Ziploc Bags
Butter Knife
And of course Determination
Ah hahaha! I love it! Incredible job :)
Thank you!
I'm making this for my moms friend!!! Thank you so much for this idea!!!

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