Incredible Pencil Case Out of Plastic Sheet (under 7$)




Introduction: Incredible Pencil Case Out of Plastic Sheet (under 7$)

I'm going to my new school, So I'm going to buy new pencil case, But, Suddenly, I have an amazing idea! Why won't I make it myself? I rummage my room (From that untidy to the scary mess) and found plastic sheet that my mom bought long time ago, So I ferret around again and found some lace, Buttons, yarn, Fake gems, and a lot more! Follow these step to make this amazing pencil case! (You can use it as handbag!)...

Step 1: Materials and Expenses

This is the things you need and how much it cost!

1.Plastic sheet (Large roll) 2$

2.Patterned paper 1$ or print it yourself

3.Yarn 1$

4.Lace 1$

5.Buttons and artificial gems 1$

6.Clear tape 1$

And tool that you can found at home is

6.Paper-cutting knife

7.Glue (Latex)

8.Pencil and eraser


10.Glue spray (Can use simple glue instead)

Prepare and follow next step!

Step 2: Make a Pattern

Cut a 28 x Any high of the bag you want, Don't make it to high if you going to make a handbag

Draw a pattern : Measure, from left 12 cm, Middle, 4 cm, and from right 11.5 cm, cut out your remained 5 mm to make the bag easy closing, Draw 2 line from the left and right of 4 cm space.

Crease with the knife, As the 2nd Picture.

Fold the left and right wings up, As the 3rd Picture.

Step 3: Glue the Patterned Paper

Use a glue spray to glue Plastic sheet and patterned paper together, make the square cut at the corner for the easy fold, Fold the edges (Four edge) flip it and crease the same crease at the first time on the glued piece, Fold it down as the 5th picture.

Use your clear tape to make it waterproof, Tape it all.

Step 4: Make a Bag-side

Flip another patterned paper, Cut it into 4 x 12 piece, Make it 2 piece

Glue it on a simple white paper and cut the head to make glue tabs, Don't cut the bottom

Glue the glue tab (Left,Right,bottom) at the bag that you made at step 2, Do the same at another side

Tape a clear tape onto it all, Close the bag opening and use your finger to crease the pleat, You'll get the bag-side as the 5th picture.

Step 5: Decorate and Add the Button

Glue the lace on the bag's edge at the opening side or decorate as you want, Then choose a button to make a lock, Glue the button at the front and middle of the lace, Make a yarn loop and remain some tail, Glue it inside the lace as the picture, Pull it and hook it at the button, And, If you want, Add a fake gems on the button to make it sparkle!

Step 6: Finish!

Go glisten and sparkle at your school! Please share the picture your bag!



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