Step 7: Launched and doing fine

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Late night cruise
Late night cruize BBQ
We launched it at night as to not draw too much attention at the boat landing. Evening rides are nice and serene. No noise besides the gentle rippling of the water that is pushed aside by the boat as it glides along. And, it's great for fishing too.
Ermahgerd2 years ago
Do you reckon this will work with pool noodles?
deceiver (author)  Ermahgerd2 years ago
Sure it would. They float and shouldn't get waterlogged. Why not?
love4pds4 years ago
SIRJAMES094 years ago
Since I'm older & not interested in sewing my oats like I was at 19, I have always wanted a pontoon boat....I think that I will try & build one but I'll use plastic barrels(6 or 8 of them) for the pontoons.

A 20 footer should be enough to pahty on & catch fish with as well. 8=D

And if I get REALLY bored, I just might end up with a home made houseboat.

I loved reading how you did this, gives me lots of ideas!!
deceiver (author)  SIRJAMES094 years ago
As a kid we had a steel pipe raft, a big one floated with 6 steel drums. It bobbed like a cork. I'll bet you could get by with 4 of them if they are about the size of the steel ones.
alfa2red4 years ago
That's was an amazing thinks.
Well done.
pagalidis6 years ago
I'm thinking of making one raft like yours and im wondering whether it would work well with 15hp motor?
deceiver (author)  pagalidis6 years ago
Yes it will. 15 hp should move it nicely along a lake. No waterskiing mind you but it will get you where you want to just fine. My electrics are no where near that hp in comparison.
That boat is AWESOME VEERY INSPIRAING(sp?) lol but great boat love the tile but wont it get slick when wet personally i would have gone with carpet
hollyyama6 years ago
Is it possible to replace the soda bottles with styrofoam to gain more weight capacity? It seems like styrofoam might float just as well, and I have a ton of it from leftover electronics packaging. Thanks for your design, it was the most helpful on the whole wide webiverse.
deceiver (author)  hollyyama6 years ago
I'd imagine you could if it's in chuncks. But the small peanuts would leave. I'd also wonder about the styrofoam breaking up and you leaving a trail of white beads down the lake every time you started out.
I think your boat is brilliant! I spent my spring building a raft using pvc. It is just a deck, an old car seat and some ores. anyway I used 3 10' sealed pvc pipes, two 7 footers and a 10 footer in the center. the deck ways approx. 250 pnds. watever its worth to you i would suggest you use a minnimum of 10'. the raft floats great with just me on it, but 580 is its limits. thanks for the inspiration.
fjpalacios16 years ago
deceiver (author)  fjpalacios16 years ago
That's great. When I do this again. And it may be soon. I'm going to eliminate the bottles and use sealed 6" pvc pipe. I think it will float well and be easier to manage.