I love Adobe Illustrator, being that I create vector art as a hobby. Recently, while vectoring a piece created by a friend of mine I found that the cigarette smoke I had started with needed at least 80% more awesome then I had originally thought. So, while figuring out how to make it, I figured I would share it with my 'ible pals as well.

This 'ible will show you how to easily make a vector object of cigarette or other light, whispy smoke.

You will need some minor experience with Adode software. (dublicating, selecting, tools, etc).

-Adobe Illustrator CS2 or higher.
-A computer to run IA

Step 1: Create Your Workspace

Open IA and create a new, blank document. This can be any size/shape as you can copy and paste your smoke as needed to any size later (one of the HUGE advantages of vector images).
If you plan on printing this or submitting a shirt design, or really any real world media, make sure to create a CMYK document, as the colors will come out better when printed.

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