Introduction: Indeed, Another Knex Gun...

This site is already load with cool knex guns. And yes, I am about to pile on another one. This is a little pistol that shoots gray connectors. And I am about to say the dreaded words that have been said a thousand times: This is my first Instructable, go easy on me! (Ahh... said it.)

Step 1: The Pieces Needed

You'll need these parts:

5 black "Y"s
7 red connecters
7 orange connectors
3 2-way gray connectors
6 green connectors
1 red rod
2 yellow connectors
10 white "snowflake" connectors
22 white rods
2 tan connectors
24 green rods
5 1-way gray connectors

Also: you will need 6 gray connectors to shoot, having an extra red connector may be helpful, and, if you can find one, you may want a zombie to shoot.

Step 2: The Magizine

Here you build the Mag.

The pics:
1.) Use the pic to build this.
2.) Add white rods and black "Y"s. (Sorry, bad pic.)
3.) Put the two parts together.
4.) These are the clip walls. Make 'em.
5.) Put the Mag all together. Be happy.

Step 3: The Body

This is a tricky step.


1.) Make these
2.) Make these
3.) Put it together like a standard knex gun
4, 5.) Front and back, just to help you.

Step 4: The Trigger

The trigger... so triggerish.

1.) Follow the pic
2.) Follow the pic
3.) Follow the pic
4.) I've gotten boring lately, huh?

Step 5: The Handle

Here you build my horrible handle... just don't do it. It sucks. Be cool. Make your own. Then show it to me.

1.) Build.
2.) Add on. Then place the other side on.

Step 6: Put It Together!

Yes! You get to do the final steps!

1.) You should have this...
2.) Attach trigger.
3.) Attach handle.
4.) Insert ram.
5.) Thread 'band through loop
6.) Attach rubber band.
7.) Attach clip.
8.) A cow.

The gun is done. (Ohhh... I made a rhyme!)

Step 7:

Now that the gun is done, you can shoot it.

1.) Load the gun.
2.) Add "follower."
3.) Attach RB
4.) Cock gun.

Note: You may need to pull trigger while cocking.

Pull the Trig, Fire!


DoggyDude10 made it! (author)2017-06-15

Hatd to load

master-splinter306 made it! (author)2015-06-30

Awesome I made it!

reza0074 made it! (author)2012-12-25

i maked a better handle you just gone make a green rod magazine and put it on

beanieostrich made it! (author)2011-01-24

It looks alot like my SP-6 Magnum even though mine is newer.

Tom Buckey made it! (author)2009-10-06

If you made the handle better make a better mag and make the whole gun bigger and added a stock this has the potential of a good gun.

arpoky made it! (author)2009-08-07

Good work, this is the first K'Nex gun I could actually make. It is simple, yet effective. I like it.

Liberty Prime made it! (author)2009-05-09

bad gun.

I iz guy made it! (author)I iz guy2009-05-11

The prob is the clip follower... if you make a better one, PM me.

DJ Radio made it! (author)2009-04-28

the gun looks too bare bones.

I iz guy made it! (author)I iz guy2009-05-01

Tried to make it small as possible...

DJ Radio made it! (author)DJ Radio2009-05-02

It can be smaller and look better too.

An Villain made it! (author)2009-04-30

pretty cool 3 stars

I iz guy made it! (author)I iz guy2009-05-01


An Villain made it! (author)An Villain2009-05-01

i like because it has true trigger, mag and is compact

I iz guy made it! (author)I iz guy2009-05-02

Dosn't look to good though... oh well.

An Villain made it! (author)An Villain2009-05-02

who cares?

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