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Introduction: Independence Dream Garden

Hi! My name is Cynthia, and my Independence Dream Project is to build an organic garden and greenhouse big enough to supply food for my family and my local Farmers Market.

I have years of hands-on experience in gardening, working in greenhouses, and helping out at Farmers Markets. With the purchase of my new house, I finally have an opportunity to use my experience and passion for gardening to build a garden and greenhouse of my own. I've researched what fruit and vegetables do well in my climate zone, and estimated my budget for tools, seeds, fertilizer, and supplies. I've also estimated the cost of building a greenhouse and an outbuilding to store all my gardening equipment. I'm ready for independence from over-priced supermarket produce, and I want to share my good fortune with my community. With a Farmers Market garden and greenhouse, I'll be able to supply fresh, healthful, and inexpensive organic fruit and vegetables year-round for my family and my community.

Thank you!



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