video Independence Project Entry
rileydoll982 years ago
Hi Cassie, You are very talented and do a wonderful job of creating these costumes. Your story reminds me of a program I watched a while ago about the career of Kevin Clash. Check out his story on this link. Keep up the great work. Be strong, be creative and fulfill your dreams! You can make this into a big life long career. Linda W in MI
ejarrell2 years ago
your costumes look very nice!
lemonie2 years ago
Jack Daniel’s presents: The Independence Project?

Do you find your project appropriate to an alcohol-sponsored contest?

The page says " your business or project plan", I think they want something more like a way to make money :(

It's not alcohol sponsored, technically, it's sponsored by people who make alcohol ;)

It says passion or hobby too. Nothing to worry yourself about.
CassiniCloset (author)  lemonie2 years ago
Why not? They said ‘dream project’ as long as it would be reasonable the sky is the limit. In context “This can be something you want to build, a new business you want to start, or really anything else you can think of.”

Yes there are many that want to start a business or make a product for personal income. But there are others that where allowed entrees that wanted to start a foundation for a group, more for Charity, to help others then themselves.

It’s up to the judges to decide what they want. Apparently someone liked this Idea and allowed it through.