Ever wanted to have a child proof, bullet proof, and knife proof, safe to hold money or priceless items? Just make one! :)

Step 1: Materials

6 pieces of 3" steel (whatever length you decide)
2 construction grade hinges
1 lock (ex: child proof gun lock)
1 drill
1 drill bit (size of lock diameter and able to drill through the steel)
welding safety gear
4 screws (shorter than thickness of the steel)
2 clamps
I am a welder and that cheap ass Ryobi power drill will not go through 3" of metal. You would need a drill press for better work. On a side note you will not need a drill in you are welding. You forgot to mention the square tubing for the squared frame. That cheap ass gun lock can be broken with my hands. You would use a military grade lock that you would welded on. No actual drilling is required. You also need a grinder, cut off saw, welder with acetylene gas for better work. To cut the plates you need a plasma cutter, a torch will work but will not leave a clean job. Those cheap plastic clamps will also not work for metal work. The melt easily with the heat of the metal when you are welding. A simple metal C-clamp is the right tool for the job. Depending on the size of the safe, you may need different hinges. My father has 30 years experienced as a welder and I learned everything from him. Also remember if you are making your safe out of 3inch metal plates you will need a dolly and about 2-3 people to move the safe. On the safe that we made. We used 5inch concrete bolts to bolt it down to the ground. If you are interested in making a safe and have questions... Let me know.
srry but your wrong. I cant get the pictures. Like i said before.....
I suspect you are a troll. So you weren't able to upload a photo of the completed safe and/or a photo taken during the process, but you decided to upload a photo of a hand holding a drill in the air and a --probably copyrighted-- photo of a clamp? Very useful (for those who have never seen a drill or a clamp before) Anything else I could say would break the "be nice" policy so I'll shut up.
You know the lock you used is free to whoever wants one from most police departments and city halls and the like in the US. They key it should be noted is universal, or nearly so. I'd like to see a picture as well, to know it was actually built and to see if the hinges are as easily defeated.
yes i did. My friend has it at his shop. I have not been able to upload all of the pictures...
Did you actually build this?
If you want to win the contest, you'll have to include images of the process you went through, and at least one image of the actual finished safe.

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