Step 6: Finished...?

Pretty much, this binder is done. All that is left to do is grind down the bolts sticking out the back of the binder.
A simple binder clip can be used to hold pages in place. I did this for one day at school because I didn't have time to design a pocket. It works quite well.
stuntkid2234 years ago
Great instructable. I think this is a really good idea. I too am tired of buying new binders and trying to duct tape my old binders. I might make one of these but with 1/8'' birch finishing plywood and piano hinges .
Emsaid4 years ago
haha the name is daniel shaffer but nice job, you got my vote!
sora4 years ago
where you said "this is not my real name, if you right click it you can see the name so daniel shaffer isnt you real name?