Step 7: We want pockets!

Okay, so the clip worked... but it wasn't enjoyable. So I made a pocket design shown in the pictures.
It's just a simple trapezoid, but I would suggest putting the cloth in the bottom LEFT corner instead of putting it on the right.  Because I did that, my pages are now sticking up on the rivets.
Oh well, it doesn't affect the closing/opening/use of the binder... but if I ever make another one, I will redo that part.
If you could get leather and brass materials it would look very 'Steampunk'. Another idea I had while looking was wrapping a strip of leather all around the outside edges. This would make it more hand-friendly.
It looks cool though, will probably last long past the time when you decide to make a new version.
mrpesas4 years ago
to make the rivots work better you could use some sort of backing on them like a flat washer. You sandwhich the soft material inbetween the binder and the washer. Then you could have the flats/heads of the rivots on the outside and not need bolts.