Picture of Indestructible Duct Tape Pinata

For the last couple of years I have been doing fun birthday cakes for my 4 nephews who all happen to have their birthdays within 2 weeks of each other. With my nephews turning 19, 13, 12, and 7, I had to make something extra cool and absolutely memorable for them all. Having seen my friend, Beth do piñatas for her daughter's birthday, I thought I could try my hand on my first piñata.

What I ended up with was an almost indestructible piñata made by one of the most awesome manmade thing on earth: duct tape. I know you must think that indestructible beats the purpose of a piñata right? Well, if you ever bought a store piñata, you might have realized how frustrating it is when the 1st or 2nd kid beats the piñata down and the long line of kids behind them are disappointed to never get a chance at the piñata. That was exactly what I absolutely did not want. I wanted every kid to have a chance to break the piñata. There turned out to be 16 people (1 adult which is my oldest nephew, lots of teens, and kids) who got a chance to beat on the piñata. And in it finally broke when we brought out the metal baseball bat. It was so much fun to watch the kids and I think the topping on the cake for me was when my sister-in-law texted that my 13 year old nephew didn't want to throw away the battered Pokémon Charmander piñata when it was over.

To create this indestructible duct tape piñata allow yourself 2 weeks to build it. And I will give you tips so that you can vary just how destructible or indestructible of a piñata you want to make.

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KareliaP7 months ago
Is that charmander? omg I love it!
t_parkour7 months ago
*piñata (not pinata)
tofu911 (author)  t_parkour7 months ago

Yes, I know. In "Paint" program it doesn't have that sign on it. But if you read my Instructable you would see that it's spelled correctly throughout. :-)

nodcah9 months ago

This looks awesome! Props for using Charmander =D

tofu911 (author)  nodcah9 months ago

As my oldest nephew stated, "Charmander made the fire nation proud."


nodcah tofu9119 months ago
XD That's one of the best things I've ever heard!
tofu911 (author)  nodcah9 months ago

Lol, thank you. I try to use/ create things in an unconventional way.

vishalapr9 months ago

Pokemon rock! Looks great :D

tofu911 (author)  vishalapr9 months ago

Thank you.

ThisIsSteve9 months ago

I used to love pokemon and now I like your instructable. Nice Charmender BTW.

tofu911 (author)  ThisIsSteve9 months ago

Thank you. I liked watching the original series when I was younger too.

paganwonder9 months ago
An indestructible piñata...that's pure evil! (Thanks for sharing your talent!)
tofu911 (author)  paganwonder9 months ago

Thank you. This is my 25th instructable and I wanted it to be awesome.

Delightful! I look forward to conducting some piñata science when I get the chance...

tofu911 (author)  mccall_sculpture9 months ago

Thank you. Please post a picture if you do.

That looks awesome! I love Piñatas!

tofu911 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick9 months ago

Thank you, he's my first piñata but definitely not my last.