Indestructible Organization





Introduction: Indestructible Organization

I at times can be the most unorganized man in America.  Because I know this and because I am a thinker and a creator, I some times overcome my disorganization.  In this most recent instance I have created a hand toll organizer that never fails.  You can't mess it up even if you try.  



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    thank you, so nice, so easy to make for your own needs for your own tools. I made something like this, and realize after seeing yours, that i didn't go far enough, though interestingly, i get more comments on it than just about anything, though for me, i was just noodling.

    A place for everything, and everything in its place. Nice. I see some good design ideas too that I'd love to see pointed out in a more detailed write-up (e.g. the finger cut-out to allow you to grab the square more easily, or the metal mounting plate used as a place to clip your tape measure).

    Have you thought about gluing some rubber to the bottom of it to keep it from sliding around or marring surfaces? I'd suggest little rubber feet, but then it would wobble if the surface you put it down on were not flat.

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    Thanks Lynx. I didn't take any pictures while I built this which makes it hard to show the process. I wlll have to build another and document it better. I did put some pads on the bottom. Can't have it scratching up the floors.

    Or the dining room table or kitchen counter, lol.

    Did you know that your IQ is directly proportional to the mess of your workshop?

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    Dear God! Please don't tell my spouse, Mr. Disorganization, that or he'll never change.

    I did not know that. Don't worry, there is still enough mess to leave my IQ in tact.

    Atta boy! You are a man that is not intimidated by a mess! Very good instructable. :-)

    Only fools seek to create order. Genius masters even chaos,

    “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

    ― Albert Einstein

    When I was in the Navy, they used to pick on me about all the stuff on my desk, after I put up a sign with that quote on it, they all started leaving me alone about it. LOL

    Do you mean the messier I am the clever I become ?…
    Good God : you should come to my workshop !!!…
    Pretty soon I'll be the Master of zee Voll World !!

    This is awesome, so creative and useful. I'm going to make one - or two - for our tool storage, which will be used in various locations: shop, deck, project room, name it and we've used it to get projects done. This is a rescue that we've needed for years. Thank you for sharing.

    This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

    This is a spectacular project it looks very well made great instructable

    That's brilliant. If like to see the process.

    No saw ? No hacksaw either ??… No plane ??…

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    There are lots of tools that would be nice to have in there. Of the tools that would be nice to have with me all the time, the ones you mentioned aren't even that high on my list. I use a hacksaw like one every six months. I use a plane about once every three months. I would have made room for a small cordless drill before those items. How do you question what tools a guy has carries when you don't know what he is using them for? You kind of remind me of a guy that I used to work for.