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I at times can be the most unorganized man in America.  Because I know this and because I am a thinker and a creator, I some times overcome my disorganization.  In this most recent instance I have created a hand toll organizer that never fails.  You can't mess it up even if you try.  


LynxSys (author)2013-03-26

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Nice. I see some good design ideas too that I'd love to see pointed out in a more detailed write-up (e.g. the finger cut-out to allow you to grab the square more easily, or the metal mounting plate used as a place to clip your tape measure).

Have you thought about gluing some rubber to the bottom of it to keep it from sliding around or marring surfaces? I'd suggest little rubber feet, but then it would wobble if the surface you put it down on were not flat.

HartKyle83 (author)LynxSys2013-03-26

Thanks Lynx. I didn't take any pictures while I built this which makes it hard to show the process. I wlll have to build another and document it better. I did put some pads on the bottom. Can't have it scratching up the floors.

Callie Lea (author)HartKyle832016-01-07

Or the dining room table or kitchen counter, lol.

blkhawk (author)2013-03-14

Did you know that your IQ is directly proportional to the mess of your workshop?

Callie Lea (author)blkhawk2016-01-07

Dear God! Please don't tell my spouse, Mr. Disorganization, that or he'll never change.

HartKyle83 (author)blkhawk2013-03-14

I did not know that. Don't worry, there is still enough mess to leave my IQ in tact.

blkhawk (author)HartKyle832013-03-14

Atta boy! You are a man that is not intimidated by a mess! Very good instructable. :-)

omnibot (author)blkhawk2013-03-14

Only fools seek to create order. Genius masters even chaos,

blkhawk (author)omnibot2013-03-14


Poehls05 (author)blkhawk2013-03-14

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

― Albert Einstein

Woogaus (author)Poehls052013-07-28

When I was in the Navy, they used to pick on me about all the stuff on my desk, after I put up a sign with that quote on it, they all started leaving me alone about it. LOL

Dragonknight (author)Poehls052013-03-19

That's my thought exactly!!!

vincent7520 (author)blkhawk2013-03-19

Do you mean the messier I am the clever I become ?…
Good God : you should come to my workshop !!!…
Pretty soon I'll be the Master of zee Voll World !!

Callie Lea (author)2016-01-07

This is awesome, so creative and useful. I'm going to make one - or two - for our tool storage, which will be used in various locations: shop, deck, project room, name it and we've used it to get projects done. This is a rescue that we've needed for years. Thank you for sharing.

jakeers (author)2015-10-10

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

printrbot932 (author)2014-10-08

This is a spectacular project it looks very well made great instructable

avionjedi (author)2013-10-14

That's brilliant. If like to see the process.

vincent7520 (author)2013-03-19

No saw ? No hacksaw either ??… No plane ??…

HartKyle83 (author)vincent75202013-03-19

There are lots of tools that would be nice to have in there. Of the tools that would be nice to have with me all the time, the ones you mentioned aren't even that high on my list. I use a hacksaw like one every six months. I use a plane about once every three months. I would have made room for a small cordless drill before those items. How do you question what tools a guy has carries when you don't know what he is using them for? You kind of remind me of a guy that I used to work for.

blkhawk (author)HartKyle832013-07-29

A friend of mine once told me that without his tools he feels emasculated! In the Norse mythology the god Thor had to dress as a goddess in order to retrieve his hammer. Thus a good allegory of how a man feels about his tools.

vincent7520 (author)HartKyle832013-03-20

I'm sorry.
Didn't mean no harm.
Was just a sleepy sunday afternoon comment… not more.
Please do not feel offended.
Again I'm sorry

HartKyle83 (author)vincent75202013-03-20

I forgive you. It was the Hmmm... that got me. And yesterday I had to walk to the van to get the hack saw.

vincent7520 (author)HartKyle832013-03-21


AlexLPD (author)2013-05-24

I like this indestructible box... all on sigth and all on hand =D

CopperDropDesigns (author)2013-03-27

Very nice! Well Done!

aegix (author)2013-03-25

My gosh is that pretty (and useful). Great gobs of envy overflowing... but an inspiration nonetheless to build something similar!

drusilla (author)2013-03-14

Can you post any instructions, designs/schematics/CAD files, etc? It looks pretty cool, but this isn't really an instructable yet... If you post files I will be able make one for my lab with a laser cutter.

HartKyle83 (author)drusilla2013-03-14

It only works if you have my tools. You have to build one for your own tools.

drusilla (author)HartKyle832013-03-14

I would love to build one for my own tools. What about providing design files and making a note of how to modify it? If I had a design file, changing hole sizes for tools would be trivial. And pencils, business cards, so on are pretty much always the same size more or less.

maintann (author)drusilla2013-03-19

this is a make it to fit project - you dont even need to use a ruler 95% of the time. Traditional craftsmen often didn't use calibrated measuring instruments (there weren't any) Build the box around what you want it to hold

HartKyle83 (author)drusilla2013-03-15

I did not build this using a design file. It was a snow day about a week ago so I went in the basement with my tools and a mission to make a box for them. Not just a box like at he store but one where each tool had a place of its own. If you want to use a laser to cut this out you will have to start from scratch. That's the beauty of Instructables. One person start an idea and others can take it to the next level.

drusilla (author)HartKyle832013-03-15

I hope I'm not making you feel criticized--I love your idea so I'm just asking for some extra info about it. Since you have a design (the design of the box you ended up building), basically as this is an instructable what I hoped to see was maybe a handdrawn sketch of the shape of the pieces, or some dimensions, or some instructions on dealing with any issues that came up (don't some issue always come up?), the types of materials and tools you used and possibly good places to buy them, any specific notes on how to ensure a proper fit for the tools, and if you have them, photos of the actual construction, stuff like that if you have it.

I guess I haven't kept up too closely with instructables for a while, so I looked up this answer to my question: I suppose what I thought I was viewing is now termed 'step-by-step instructable' to separate it from the other types of posts. I also must have missed that somehow...I'm sorry if I bothered you too much with this.

drusilla (author)drusilla2013-03-15

Also I agree--that is the beauty of instructables. No matter how detailed a tutorial I've read, I always end up changing it or taking it to the next level. I felt like you implied that having/providing design files would make this project lose its customizability or preclude people from changing the basic design, which is a statement I wouldn't agree with.

HartKyle83 (author)drusilla2013-03-15

I will keep that in mind for future instructables. I feel complimented that people are interested enough to need details to do something similar. I had about every size pvc pipe available on hand when I made this. I would try to fit a tool in a pvc and get a good fit. If that didn't work I would fit it in the wood some how like the speed square. The hammer is held in place at the top by a magnet. The tape measure clips on a mettle bracket I got by deconstructing a bracket for mounting a light fixture. Once I new what size pipe each tool would fit in or what size opining in the wood I started mapping it out and drilling holes. To keep all the pipe from sliding up and down I filled all the voids with low expanding window foam before I put the last panel on. All the wood is 1/2" birch plywood except the handle is oak. The dimensions are posted at this site.

HADJISTYLLIS (author)2013-03-17

awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dude

joelhunn (author)2013-03-13

First of all, awesome! Secondly, how do you cut your lexan, it looks so clean.

HartKyle83 (author)joelhunn2013-03-14

I will tell you as soon as you fill me on on what lexan is.

joelhunn (author)HartKyle832013-03-14

Ha! Plexiglass, acrylic, lexan - I think they are all the same thing but some are trade names and some are generic. Some would just say "clear plastic".

HartKyle83 (author)joelhunn2013-03-14

I cut it on my miter saw and then sanded the edges a bit.

bennelson (author)2013-03-14

Nice box! Something to be proud of!

I have one that's based off my father's carpenters tool box which he got from his master carpenter. Kinda cool to have a "clone" of something with history to it like that.

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