Indestructible Thumb Detecting Shop Stein





Introduction: Indestructible Thumb Detecting Shop Stein

90% Awesome. 99% if you bevel the edge and clean out the hydraulic fluid prior to use, sissy.

Step 1: Git Your Grubby Hands on a Used Filter.

This one is from a monstrous old piece of gear that runs on the tears of orphans. (+1 shop cred)

It is made from 100% genuine stamped and drawn mild steel. (+1 shop cred)

It is painted the correct colour (+5 shop cred)

Bang it flat on the downward end using a store bought thumb detector. (+10 shop cred for homemade hammer)

Step 2: Remove Filter Media

Use a hacksaw and the final shreds of your patience to remove threaded end of filter (-1 shop cred)

OR call your mother over to hold your hand while you zipcut the lid off. Beware of explosions! (+1 shop cred)

Scoop out brains (+1 shop cred for not blowing yourself up)

Step 3: Bash Steel Flatbar Into Submission

Shape a handle from heavy steel. (+1 shop cred)

Test fit (-2 shop cred)

Grind off paint where handle will be attached, because you can't stick weld (-1 shop cred)

Step 4: Use Craptacular Hand-me-down MIG Welder to Affix Handle to Carcass

Mig weld handle without burning through filter (+1 shop cred)

Pat yourself on back. For the next two weeks, proclaim to all within earshot: "I'm a WELDER!" (-300 shop cred)

Recall; "a grinder and paint makes the welder I ain't!" (+1 shop cred)

Step 5: Commission Thumb Detecting Fluid Receptacle

Smash carpenter's threaded nail into dead tree carcass. (+1 shop cred)

Smugly aside to all and sundry that steel is far skookumer to material grown on trees. (+ 1 shop cred)

Enjoy a frosty beverage from your hand crafted liquid filled indestructible hammer. (+1 shop cred per beverage)

Step 6: Scoring.

You win!

I also make youtube vids whilst I knock around the shop. I'm told they suck, I'm ugly and I don't read good neither. But hey, if you can't have a laugh in your own workshop, you're trying too hard.

Or not hard enough.



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    Wait wait wait..


    AvE means Arduino vs Evil!?

    Mind blown.

    4 replies

    2 years later, and I'm just figuring this out. To be fair, I just started watching about a year ago.

    How do you cleanup the filter so that when you sip your tasty beverage of choice you don't die?

    1 reply

    GREAT Stein! I have to do this with my John Deere filters. This way, I can keep buying them, use them and make steins to sell at the farmer's market! Thus, the filters would be essentially FREE! It's rater easy to find John Deere green and yellow paint!

    4 replies

    PS, I would have voted on this one, but it's not in any contest.

    Instructables judges hate my contest entries, likely because of salty language in vids. So I gave up on contests.

    Ya, I make a bunch and give them away. Guys offer to buy them all the time, but I'd rather give them away. You'll do well at a farmer's market.

    I was gonna say how fake the shop cred is but then I saw the "I'm a welder!" one. I did exactly that after I first welded.

    "Use craptacular hand me down MIG welder to attach handle to carcass"

    This is the greatest thing I have ever read!

    Good thing the frosty beverage comes after trying to mig weld the mild steel handle to the 30+ gauge filter can. lol Nice job tho!! Great idea! Do ya know if Lincoln makes any super glue to go with the mig welder? Never mind, if I just let the puddle splash over on the can I think I got it.. :-)

    That sure is a skookum choocher!

    That sure is a skookum choocher!

    "Steel is far skookumer to material grown on trees."

    This Killed Me. +10

    thumb detector. +1