Introduction: Indestructible Burn Barrel

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I purchased this air compressor with a blown motor for $ 20.00.

Step 1: Remove the Motor From the Tank

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Step (1) First thing i had to do was to remove the motor and pump from the tank.

Step 2: Layout the Line

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Step(1) i measured down from the top from the weld 8 inches all the way around the tank.

step (2) make a cutting line with a black marker..

Step 3: Cutting the Top Off.

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step(1) using a 4 1/2 in grinder with a thin cut off disk i cut off the top of the compressor.

Step 4: Remove the Bottom Plug

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Step (1) remove the 2 '' pipe plug from the bottom of the compressor . This helps air to get into the tank and for drainage.

Step 5: Drilling Holes

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Step (1) i marked out 3 holes every 10 inches in four different spots around the tank .

step(2) i drilled all holes with a 5/8 drill bit.

Finished and ready to use .


PaleHorseRider (author)2015-01-16

All I see is a really big crucible for aluminum or silver.

So, you have a collection of aluminum engine blocks to melt down and a silver mine? :-)

aluminum cans & actual silverware.

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