Are you having a lego 'bashing the other vehicle into to other vehicle' contest? Well here is and Indestructible one! Mine never got beat and we threw everying at it and never got damaged!

The ONLY weekness is that sometimes it gets cought on the floor.

Step 1: Inside

Here is the inside of it.

Step 2: Bottom

Here is how to make the wheels and bottom.

Step 3: Sides

How to make the sides.

Step 4: Top

The top of the vehicle.

Step 5: Finished!

The finished model.
Again the bottom is not needed
Cool I made it and I won the contest but I took off the bottom and I made the wheels bigger
i made one that i can put lego people inside and still indestructable.
my cousin and i sometimes do train smashing contests, could u make a train version?
how dose it move and it is not Indestructible

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