Introduction: Indestructible Repair for the Broken HP DV 9000 Laptop Hinge & Case

Picture of Indestructible Repair for the Broken HP DV 9000 Laptop Hinge & Case

This fix worked for part # 3JAT9HATP05 and 3JAT9HATP21.
But probably could work for other models.

Well like everbody else who has purchased a HP DV9000 laptop, my left
hinge has cracked and in doing so, also broke the embedded locknuts in
the top LCD cover. I have had this HP DV 9000 for under a year but refuse
to send it back for service. I havent tried to contact HP after reading
all the hell stories everybody else have had in doing so... So being creative
and having all the tools, I decided to give it a shot to fix it myself after
looking for parts and seeing a $200+ price tag. My laptop now closes like
new and the monitor turns off when in closed position.

I wouldnt recommend just anyone trying this repair if you dont have patience
and a little bit of mechanical know-how... There are a few steps here that are
critical that they are done correctly or the LCD screen wont fit back into the
case chassis. I will try to go into futher detail with the step by step pictures
that I have taken during my repair. *Any pieces that are removed must be put
into a separate container so they will not be lost during the repair process!!

YOU are on your own with this fix!
It worked for me but I can not be held
responsible for voiding your warranty
or if you break your laptop any further
because you tried my fix.

I would also read through the whole page to familiarize
yourself before trying this and to locate items I might not
have spoke of in the tools and materials needed lists.

If you have questions :


mini Phillips Head screwdriver
mini Flat Head screwdriver
2 or 4 - 1" mini clamps
razor blade
vise grips
pop rivot gun
cordless drill
1/16" metal cutting drill bit - (step 12)
1/8" metal cutting drill bit - (or smaller depending on your pop rivot size)
3/16" metal cutting drill bit - (or smaller depending on screw head size in step 12)


Devcon Plastic Welder
2" stanley L bracket - (get more than 1 in case of error!)
fast drying super glue for arm - (step 9)
paper towels - (for your LCD)
something to mix epoxy on
something to put your removed parts into
1/8" pop rivots

Step 1:

Picture of

You must remove the 3 little rubber screw covers located on the top edge
of the laptop screen at the right, center & left side using the mini flat head
screwdriver. Then remove the 3 screws located under the rubber covers.

Step 2:

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Then you must remove the outer screen bezel, which unsnaps. Be very
careful not to force the plastic for it may crack! I would start from the
left hinge corner which is probably open, working clockwise with the little
flat head screwdriver prying it apart every inch or so. You may also have
to remove the bottom right andl eft rubber screw covers and remove
those screws as well to free the bezel.

Step 3:

Picture of

Now that the LCD is fully exposed you can see how destroyed the hinge
and assembly points are damaged DUE TO POOR CONSTRUCTION BY

Step 4:

Picture of

Then you must unscrew the 2 very small screws that are on the left hinge
connecting to the LCD screen. Now take notice how much space is between
the bottom of the LCD screen and the left hinge assembly. For this is one
of the things that can make this repair render your efforts useless when
you try to reassemble! There is only about 1/16" clearance.

Step 5:

Picture of

Now you must free the tired hinge. Depending on how far trashed your
top cover mounting points are. Try to unscrew the 4 little phillips head
screws from the hinge (only 3 if you took out the one that was covered
by the rubber screw cover already) If the screws turn and do not come
loose the mounting points on the LCD cover have cracked so just leave
them in for now.

Step 6:

Picture of

Push the screen all the way open holding it at the right and left hinges
not to cause any further trauma. If your hinge is to far gone and you
cant move it, you will have to force the hinge with pliers when you remove
it during the next step.

Step 7:

Picture of

Now try rotating the left hinge asssembly away from the LCD screen
towards the closed position. You may need to use pliers on the hinge to
rotate it because the torque required is significant and is partially the
reason your laptop hinge is broken to begin with. Now that it is in the
almost closed position move the pliers to the outside and work the hinge
out from the connection point on the base of the unit. It may be tight
so keep at it until you pull it free but trying to not break the arm off
the hinge. Remove off the screws and brass inset fasteners and put
into parts container.

Step 8:

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Now you need to put a bend on the angle bracket. Use a bench vise
if you have one or clamp a vise grip to the egde of the bracket, with
another large pliers start the bend, With a hammer bang the bend flat.
*This is a critical step! The bend must take shape with the hinge! Dont
over bend or you will weaken the strength. Also make sure you bend
the hinge in the right direction!

Step 9:

Picture of

As you can see my edge was completely separated on the hinge arm.
I didnt do this but I recommend that you superglue the join on the arm
so it will not move and in its original position so when you go to put it
back together with the LCD screen it sits correctly in the chassis.
Overlay the hinge with your new support bracket. Make marks with
black permanent marker where you need to grind out so it overlays
the hinge correctly that the bracket sits on top of the hinge. You need
to cut the length on the front-face part of the bracket so you dont
cover the 3rd hole on the hinge. (I cut it off at the step point on the
hinge.) Use either the bench vise or the vise grip to hold bracket and
grid it. I cant express enough how important that you shape and grind
the bracket exactly to the shape of the original hinge. I didnt grind
the arm until I was into the next step.

Step 10:

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Mix up a small batch of epoxy. (you must mix the 2 parts thouroughly
and work quickly so it dont set or you will not get the proper bonding
strength) Smear a good amount of epoxy onto the hinge at the contact
points and clamp without throwing off the shape of the hinge. Use about
3 to 4 mini clamps. Allow about 10 minutes for the epoxy to set. If you
are the patient type let it sit longer... cant hurt.

Step 11:

Picture of

Now that the epoxy has set remove the clamps on the arm. If you have
a center punch mark 2-3 points where you will drill for your pop rivots in
the center of the arm. (I used 1/8" aluminum so I only put 2, I would
or rather used smaller and put 3.) Push pop rivots from the outside of the
hinge arm inwards to LCD.

Step 12:

Picture of

I also added a pop rivot into the front face of the hinge just keep in
mind you dont wont to block the holes for the screws. You will now have
to drill through the back of the hinge out the bracket the small holes for
the original screws to fit. Then bore the front face of the bracket with
a 3/16" bit (unless you have the exact size bit for head to recess
so the screws will reach through) Go SLOW! DONT over drill, you do not
want to go into the hinge at all!

Step 13:

Picture of

Now grind the bracket so it takes shape with the arm also shearing
down the pop rivots smooth on the LCD side of the arm. Then, although
I didnt do this on mine because I wanted it to have the most strength,
you may want to so the face bezel fits completely closed when you
snap it back on later in step 16. Grind down the top edge of the front
face of the bracket to the top of the hinge.

(First picture in Step 18 shows how mine looks with bezel on.)

Step 14:

Picture of

Keep your fingers crossed and put your newly repaired hinge in place
to see if it fits correctly. Push the hinge to the fully open position very
carefully so it lines up the top cover holes. If you used 2" brackets and
it lined up the same as mine you should only have to use a razor and cut
out 1 little plastic mount clip from the cover casing. At this point before
cutting I would take out the 2 screws on the right hinge sidearm and
remove the LCD screen put down some paper towels and lay it on the
keyboard. You may have to loosen the bottom right hinge screws to
get the clearance tounscrew side screws. I would put back the top
screw on the right arm into the LCD top and bottom hinge screws to
maintain a true shape before next steps.

Step 15:

Picture of

Now depending on how bad your mounting holes were damaged,
will effect how you do this step. I had all 3 broken off, so I put
the 3 screws in place and tightened the brass contact points snuggly
to the hinge. Next cut the HP warranty-voiding insulating mylar so
you can access the set points easily. Put a piece of paper or plastic
under the join point, just incase you have overglue. Now mix up the
small batch of epoxy and apply around the set points. This is critical
that you dont over glue because the LCD screen wont fit into chassis.
Now put your hinge back into place, quickly screw the top of arm into
laptop cover. Hold the corner of screen in correct position using the
keboard as a guide so gap is same while the epoxy sets. If your epoxy
is squeezed out into the LCD area use the razor blade and remove the
excess glue before it sets hard.

Step 16:

Picture of

If epoxy is set hard you may now put back the LCD. First take out
the 2 top screws holding the arms to the cover. Put the 2 left & right
side screws into LCD screen. Make sure all the contact points and
webcam, etc are lined up.

Step 17: Indestructible Repair for the Broken HP DV 9000 Laptop Hinge & Case

Picture of Indestructible Repair for the Broken HP DV 9000 Laptop Hinge & Case

Take LCD bezel and flip over. Then cut the 2 clip contact points off
with a razor, smooth to the bezel. If you did grind down the face of
the bracket against the hinge edge, when you snap the face bezel
back it should close back like new or if you didnt you will have a very
unnoticable gap in side, but will be stronger over long term. I dont
know how long this will last I only did this yesterday (4/17/08) but
seems to be working fine.

*UPDATE* As of 4/27/08 and alot of excessive testing the fix is holding up like new.

Step 18: Final Step

Picture of Final Step

Put the 3 top screws and the 2 bottom screws back into LCD
bezel into the laptop casing, then put the 5 rubber sticky pads
back on and you are done. Hope it worked out for you!!! This HP hinge repair can also be seen at Thanks for looking at my fix!


iamlisa (author)2015-10-05

This is actually a good piece of information and can help lot of people out there. There are also some sites which can give some tips on laptop repair which are actually helpful as I personally find them helpful, you can also check for them at Thanks for your time :)

Scott Cunningham (author)2012-03-26

I have exactly this problem with the left hinge of my HP dv2600 series laptop. I never would've imagined I'd be learning DIY computer repair before I bought it. Thank you.

PrettyGeeky (author)2011-11-02

Great article! I can't praise it highly enough. Excellent description and photos.
If possible, could you tell us the size of the three screws that were removed in step 5. The screws were missing when I disassembled it and I would like to find some replacements. Need to know the size to do that :)
Thanks again for the great article!

rwoudenberg (author)2011-03-01

The instructions are great except why don't you just get a new hinge!!!! I bought a set on ebay for under 20$ What I would like to see is how to remove the left hinge as ther is a fan under over the screws. Luckily my right hinge broke andthat is very easy with screws directly under.

thebuzzah (author)2010-06-08

It's not easy to tell exactly what to do at this step. Which direction to bend? Maybe a more clear picture including the hinge?

serendip1690 (author)2010-04-18

The lid on my HP Pavilion dv4000 was cracked at both hinges due to poor design by HP (it is only 3 years old). My solution: cut rectangular patch of hard PVC from the case of an old tv or similar appliance, (preferably  silver, to match the laptop). Use pvc pipe glue to cover the cracked part of the lid and the patch. Press patch in place. Wait 15 minutes fo glue to set. Voila!  Mine has been in place for 3 months, no more problems.  Important point is to use PVC glue which will dissolve or melt the pvc case, other glues, eg epoxy or hot glue sticks will not be strong enough

bogamebo123 (author)2010-04-14


If you are having problems with video failing with your HP DV 9000, 6000 or 2000 laptops then have a look at the below video.

It is very helpful resource i came across and i managed to fix 2 of my laptops with the help of that video, i hope it will help others aswell.

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RogerB (author)2009-09-11

By the way you can also get a set of replacement hinges at , Brand New and for a good price , got meself a set of em hinges and now my laptop is up and running , It sure will save you the hassle of repairing your old hinge but then again for a do it yourselfer you might might want to try it the old fashioned way , getting out the tools and getting the job done. Whoaah !!!!

Laptop Freak (author)2009-09-02

There are different hinges you can use in HP Pavilion dv9000/dv9100/dv9200/dv9400 notebooks.
For LCDs with single lamp use this part number: 432963-001
For LCDs with dual lamp use this part number: 432964-001

You can find the LCD part number on a sticker blued to the video cable. Use this part number to find out if you have LCD with single or dual lamp. This info is available in the service manual.

I just finished creating another guide with step-by-step instructions for replacing the broken left hinge. I also list all part numbers in the guide.

Check it out here: How to replace broken left hinge in HP Pavilion dv9000

By the way, recently HP was fixing this issue at no charge under the service enhancement program. But this program has expired. Apparently a lot of people had a problem with the left hinge.

Stuart York (author)2009-07-30

I followed your advice almost to the letter and the fix worked a treat! My laptop now opens as smoothly as it did when brand new and cost me the princely sum of £19:95. I almost bought a new machine at the cost of £750!! Grateful Thanks Start York

mikemmcmeans (author)2009-06-04


armonicman (author)2009-05-27

Thank you for your time, Hingefix. I had the same problem and I started to fix it. But I didn't like how the embedded screw looks, so I bought the whole screen (affortunately my company bought it, because I use my personal laptop for working in my company). Now I have to replace the broken one with the new one and I dont know how to loose the screws of both hinges. The other fact is that I don't know if it will be better to put some epoxi in the free spaces to prevent the new one to broke. What do yuo think? Thanxs!

thomasfloors (author)2009-05-21

Thank You! We did follow everything you suggested and it worked great! It is a shame that consumers have had to rely on their own skills to fix something that is an evident problem with HP. I have had many conversations with HP and I am trying to be a voice to stop such poor workmanship and the philosophy that they seem to have "Well it works for now" I have literally been told by HP that all of their notebooks are "THROWAWAY"" not meant to be more than something used for more than 2-3 yrs. Please join me at I have been in contact with consumer affairs and the bbb and the more ppl that respond the quicker laws can be passed to prevent these things from happening. Thank you. All voices Are important.

mozart_ar (author)2009-05-07

Thanks. This article was very useful. And I must thank my friend Diego at

ramraj (author)2009-04-22

Thank you for the great Article and Clear Instructions, a great site I found from google. My HP dv 9223tx laptop was being used by my grand daughter on the living room floor , when apparently the screen got a nudge from a baby carried by another girl. The hinge on the left side was cracked. Now it is very hard to close or open if some how it is closed. So I decided to keep it open. But some time in December the moisture had seeped in through the crack and and now I have 5 horizontal lines on my LCD. I took it to HP repair in Ghaziabad , they said LCD needs replacement for Rs.12,000.00 , The hing can not be repaired and whole plastic frame has to be changed for Rs.10,000.00 . Now I know that it wasn't the baby's Nudge but the design flaw. I am going to take a hard look at Hinge problem in laptops when I buy next one. Now I am looking for Instructions to completely removing the LCD and use it as a desktop by connecting another desktop LCD , if I can figure out how to get the video out and make a connector like the one's in desktop. Can't think of a reason why it can not be done ! Just one question , Your or anyone's opinion on the Sony Vaio series Circular connector on their laptops which also contain power button and the battery too. How strong are they ? Thank you for a great Instruction. ramraj

crockettbu (author)2009-03-18

I, like so many others, am just ecstatic about finding this Instructable! The sad thing is that HP seemed oblivious to the problem that many people are having with the dv9000 when I called them about my problem. They handled in quite rudely and told me that I should be more careful with closing and opening the lid. You have helped me out tremendously.

donc (author)2008-11-30

I wanted to thank you so very much for the time you took to make these detailed instructions available to the rest of us. I too did not want to send my dv9230us out for repair, so was very happy to find your instructions. Every thing went as you said. I had a small gap at the bottom, so I put electrical tape along the edge figuring that it could add extra support, but I still left a small gap visible at the hinge figuring that it would provide extra ventilation for the heat buildup. Then I also drilled 4 1/8" holes in the screen bezel just above the left hinge to add ventilation.

badkarmab (author)2008-11-14

OMG!! I am so happy that I found this website and you guys!! I am so fricken pissed!!! I just got off the phone with the idiots at HP Technical Support and after 40 minutes of them telling me I was screwed I wanted to pull out my hair!! My fiance bought 2 of the dv9000 laptops for us less than 2 yrs ago and my screen cracked first and then low and behold his started cracking a few weeks ago!!! I told those idiots that the chances of that happening without it being a manufacturing malfunction were unheard of but they insisted that they havent had another complaints about it!! And then I have found numerous sites with people telling the same story about their hinges cracking too!!! Please someone help us!!!!!

hingefix (author)badkarmab2008-11-24

Totaly Coincidental but this email came today....

****************************************************************** URGENT SUPPORT NOTIFICATION FROM HP ****************************************************************** HP Pavilion dv9000 Notebook PC Limited Service Enhancement Program HP is offering a Limited Service Enhancement Program throughMay 31, 2009 for the left display hinge on the HP Pavilion dv9000notebook PC serial number that you registered. If you experiencea broken left display hinge before May 31, 2009 or previously paidfor a left display hinge repair, please refer to the HP websiteat: If you have not experienced a broken left display hinge, no actionis required on your part. Sincerely, Hewlett-Packard Company

hingefix (author)badkarmab2008-11-24

Hello, Sorry for the delay on replying back. I have fixed my laptop with this repair and it was successful! Unfortunately not long after the video card died and it isn't able to be replaced (according to my service guy). So I bought another new dv9000 but with more processor power, ram etc. (better setup) I havent had any problems with the hinge on this one so far, which I am very thankful for. Many people have said that they successfully used this fix too. I also have it posted at not sure what I can help you with but you may ask away... Lou

wright97 (author)2008-10-13

Thanks for your pioneering approach to this problem; it definately got me on the right track. After welding the broken point, there was still too much tension on the hinge...Recommendation: muscle out the hing pin from the hinge housing, and spread the retainers just a bit. I also brushed the pin with a wire wheel and used a little lithium grease. You may have to resize the retainers using a small tapered punch to get the proper tension, or just buy a new hinge. Thanks again; your article gave me the confidence to try this fix.

Tonamel (author)2008-04-28

Nice instructible. My dv9000 hasn't cracked yet, but it feels like it will every time I open it. The innards of this thing are impressive (I can run Crysis at medium detail!), so it's a shame they wrapped it all in total garbage.

Garth Knight (author)Tonamel2008-04-29

Nice inst.

I have a dv9000. It broke after the warranty expired. I repaired it much like you did. Then I worked with HP and they repaired it FREE with it out of warranty and after I had had it apart as you have...

Please check out the posts (31, 81, 88, 116) that detail how I approached HP at the following link: NOTEBOOK HINGE CRACK

Please PM me if you want to go into details on this. The Crack website is full of horror stories -because people get upset. They will fix the problem, you just have to let them know that they will (not ask, not argue, not discuss it.)
I also found/downloaded the service manuals for the notebook (there is a link is my blog comments)

Good Instructable!

l_cee (author)Garth Knight2008-06-05

How and who did you contact to get yours fixed with HP? My left hinge is also broken.

hingefix (author)l_cee2008-06-05

http://www.hingefix.comhello I_cee ... I never contacted HP at all... I and you are among probaley 20,000 or more people that had this problem due to a poor manufacturing design... I fixed my DV9000 myself and posted how i did it here on instructables and on to help out other people like you! You can also read for more info on how to contact HP... i didnt want to send mine out... good luck!

stephenmishka (author)hingefix2008-10-06

Im interested in your problem concerning your broken hinges. Would you please contact me at

Stephen... I just sent you an email, check for it and let me know how I can help.

Garth Knight (author)l_cee2008-06-05

I_ee, Check out the link on my April 29 comment to "" and look at the post numbers 31,81,88,116 (from Clay H.) they pretty much spell out who I wrote to & what I wrote. GK

...Remember... unless a repair involves your drive, NEVER send your harddrive in when having your notebook worked on. just don't do it. Nope. No. doesn't matter what "They" require, if it does not involve the drive, pull the drive. Another hint, before you pull the drive, remove the windows passwords, and set the drive to shared. Why? Because as soon as you mail your notebook, you'll need something off of the drive, and now you can simply put it in an external HD case and plug it into another PC to access your stuff. No complicated booting or installing it on another PC. just a thought. GK

hingefix (author)Garth Knight2008-05-02

hello garth wow thats great they hooked you up right with your hinge problem. i read some of your posts. i am pretty satisfied with my fix that i wont bother trying to get the warranty through them. maybe we'll all get checks from HP sometime if they ever get sued! wishful thinking... thanks for taking the time to check out my instructable and leaving a comment!

Garth Knight (author)hingefix2008-05-02

You did one hell of a nice job on the rebuild, I wish I had taken more photos during my repair; I was very proud of it, and I sort of hated to send it off to HP without knowing just how long it would have survived. But It needed to be done. below is one of the few pics I took, does not show too much, I used a doubler to rebuild the hinge much as you did. . My notebook came back with a new screen assembly and a 90 day warranty. My plan is to open it up now that the repair warranty has expired and fill all the voids around the nut mountings before they break, and strengthen other areas the best I can. Hopefully it will prevent the screen from coming apart again (and I think it will, given time). I think your repair will/would outlast a new screen assembly. -Later GK

hingefix (author)Tonamel2008-05-02

Yeah i love the laptop too! it it plenty fast for everything... I bought it because it had the devoted memory video card... i connect it to the tv in the den and play star wars battle front 2 etc perfectly!... with your hinge... check out the post that garth knight left me, maybe it could help you out... he had some success with HP... thanks for the props bro and checking out my instructable!

MVAORyan (author)2008-07-28

Ok, how come the website for NOTEBOOK HINGE CRACK is not active anymore?? I have the SAME problem with my HP notebook - my kids will be happy that I can quit trying to get them to tell me who did it ;) because now I know it is defective!! I will contact HP before my husband has to break out the tools... but will definitely use these directions if it comes to that - Thanks!!

hingefix (author)MVAORyan2008-07-29

Hello Thanks for looking at this fix... I do believe is still up and running.... just checked... Yeah it is unfortunate that these notebooks are defective... Its funny my repair out-lived the laptop... Started out it was running real HOT by the video card for a long time and then it started to shut off more often on its own.. then it just decided that the display wasnt gonna work anymore... very depressed! You cant just replace the video card on this model as i thought when i purchased it (motherboard and videocard are joined). i took it to have it looked at by a pc service guy locally and got an estimate of $960 to replace fans and MB... I spoke with hp and they said that the only extension of warranty is for AMD processors and i have the Intel model... since then I have purchased the dv9930 us HP and am hoping that it wont suffer the same fate!

MVAORyan (author)hingefix2008-08-02

Very unfortunate because mine has been running hotter and hotter the last couple of months. I got the $70 hinges from HP (rip off) and they told me it came with directions - which it did not - which caused me to spend 90 minutes on the phone to be told 1-the directions were emailed, 2nd guy said they'd re-email them to me, 3rd guy says he'll get a technician on the line to tell us how to do it, but when we were transfered we got the 4th gal who says HP doesn't provide directions for replacing the hinges. My husband ended up drilling through the lid to put in some bolts because once we got IN the laptop the plastic doohickey to attach the hinge to was broken. It's not too bad looking, but somewhere in the process we lost the wireless capability. So, I am back where I was before only $70 poorer and 100 times angrier at HP! I am pretty sure I'll go for a Dell next time, give them a chance to prove themselves :) Thanks for your reply, maybe my laptop knew how angry I was and wouldn't let me in the NB Hinge Crack website!! Ha!!

stephenmishka (author)MVAORyan2008-10-06

Im interested in your problem concerning your broken hinges. Would you please contact me at

stephenmishka (author)MVAORyan2008-10-06

Im interested in your problem concerning your broken hinges. Would you please contact me at

mjgreenwood (author)2008-08-28

I just finished.... I ended up with a gap on the left side, I just covered it with electrical tape. I figure the tape will work in place of the two tabs that where cut out. He used a grinding wheel, I used a dremel. I think a dremel and a bench grinder would be the way to go. The hardest part was getting the correct angle on the hinge's arm. When you put the epoxy on you lose your reference, so look twice where the old arm lines up with the new bracket (maybe mark it) prior to glueing.. I'd also say do a total dry fit prior to the final glue on the cover to see if you can close the gap more.... Thanks the for the instructions....

Im interested in your problem concerning your broken hinges. Would you please contact me at

jeggi (author)2008-09-22

This instruction is great, but I got my laptop to work after step two. For me the problem was in the lower left corner. The screw there was completely loosened. After i had tightened it back in, everything works, even if the hinge seems broken. It's not 100% functional, but if I now just open my laptop with a bit care (grabbing both the left and right side), then it should be fine. And perhaps some super glue will make the fix complete.

stephenmishka (author)jeggi2008-10-06

Im interested in your problem concerning your broken hinges. Would you please contact me at

dchall8 (author)2008-04-29

It is not entirely impossible to take good pictures of shiny black objects but it is nearly impossible with a point and shoot with one flash. This is a very valuable Instructable. Another valuable website is I used suggestions from that site to take my daughter's HP laptop down to the mother board and R/R the recharger socket. Fun stuff!

hingefix (author)dchall82008-05-02

thank you... its funny when i was planning to do the repair I was thinking i should take pictures of this maybe it can help out some one else.... it was just hard remembering to take the picture of every step! especially when the epoxy was involved! ;)

bhunter736 (author)2008-04-29

Excellent detail. Clear instructions. I hope I never need it, but thank you.

hingefix (author)bhunter7362008-05-02

Thanks i spent a lil time putting it all together.... but it hopefully will help someone out! Thanks again!

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