Step 3: The Stays

To make the stays I flatten to strips of aluminium rail and drilled and shaped the ends, to bend the right angles i held the strip in the jaws of a 3" vice and once in the right position i used a small hammer to bend the aluminium, use very light taps as the aluminium bends very easy and is also marked very easily too.

I pop riveted the bottom stay on first and then bid some final tweaking of the top curve before i marked out the holes for the top stay.

Once the bottom stay was in place I as able to mark where to cut the sissy bar to length and where to drill the hole in the mudguard.

Thats a cool idea. I was thinking it must be a pain to bend the metal "wide side" but your looks great!
Indian Larry would be proud.
nice. i wanted one with a banana seat. even if its just for looks or whatever
Thanks,<br> <br> When I saw this bike I just had to get it, was not disappointed either when it arrived.&nbsp; That most comfortable bike I have ever ridden, It gets allot of compliments from other cyclists.<br> &nbsp;<br> Its a bit heavy weighing in at 25kg and the gearing is not all that good for hills, I go to a local canal tow path to cycle, you just cruise along at about 10-15mph with no effort at all.<br> <br> I will be doing some more custom work on it when the biking season comes back around.<br>

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