Indian Mehendi Art: Decorating your hands with Natural home made Henna paste

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Picture of Indian Mehendi Art:  Decorating your hands with Natural home made Henna paste
Mehendi, also known as Henna, is decoration on the hands, foot and nails by applying a paste made with leaves of Henna tree (Botanical name : Lawsonia inermis).

Though there are ready-made pastes available in the market, some of them are adulterated with chemicals like silver nitrate, carmine, orange dye, chromium etc. which will give more intense color but unsafe to use. our children prefer to make the paste from fresh leaves collected from the tree in our backyard and apply it themselves.

In India, beautifying the hands and foot with Mehendi are normally carried out for the girl to be married during wedding and is part of the bridal decoration.

Here is a step by step instructions on how to make the Mehendi paste from freshly collected Henna leaves and how to decorate your hands withe the paste.
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Step 1: Collecting the Henna leaves and making paste

Picture of Collecting the Henna leaves and making paste
There is one medium sized Henna tree (Lawsonia inermis) in our backyard, which you can see in the first picture. We collected the fresh leaves and ground them to a fine paste in a mixer grinder. Adding a few drops of lime juice will enhance the color of mehendi, but it is not necessary.

Step 2: Making the cone

Picture of Making the cone
The mehendi paste is applied by squeezing the paste uniformly through a paper cone made with a nonabsorbent paper.

You can make the cone with any non-absorbent paper like the ones used for gift wrapping. Here we made the cone with normal A4 paper and a plastic sheet.

1. Take an A4 paper and stick the plastic paper on it with a glue stick.
2. Trim the excess plastic sheet.
3. You can make two cones from this sheet. Cut this into half.
4. Fold one half into a cone and glue the joints with a glue stick. The other half can be used latter.
How long does it stay?
antoniraj (author)  Lol-I-a-dinosaur4 months ago
it will stay for 7 to 10 days then it will start to fade
Oscelot2 years ago
Love the instructable. It's easy to get instructions on using pre-made henna, but this is the first time I've found one straight from the tree! I've always wondered. X3
antoniraj (author)  Oscelot2 years ago
thank you...
katelyn35652 years ago
Is it possible to but henna already ground? I don't have any henna near me and I would like to attempt this without having to wait for the tree to grow.
just be absolutely careful of anything marketed as "black" henna when you're shopping. it has very bad ingredients which can cause permanent harm to the body.
antoniraj (author)  Oscelot2 years ago
you are absolutely right.. Some of the ready-made henna sold in markets contains some harmful chemicals like silver nitrate, carmine, orange dye, chromium etc.to get more intense color.
antoniraj (author)  katelyn35652 years ago
Yes, it is possible. Keep the henna paste in the refrigerator and use it whenever you want.

Alternately, dry the henna leaves and make powder. This can be mixed with water into paste and used any time.

Dry henna powder is available in most of the shops selling beauty products.
Have you tried participating in the beauty contest? only 1 day left to participate.
antoniraj (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
yes, I have submitted it thrice but not yet accepted
Oh, it's taking much time :o but the moment it gets accepted you'll have my vote for sure :)
antoniraj (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
thank you. this instructable has been accepted just now
and voted! best of luck :)
antoniraj (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
thank you
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
great idea .. next time on eid il make my own henna :D
antoniraj (author)  sabu.dawdy2 years ago
Wow, this looks awesome! I have always loved those indian designs.
antoniraj (author)  chocolatechip2 years ago
thank you...
I usually apply natural henna paste on nails, would this work for nails as well? I have 2 henna trees in my front yard, one of them is almost 18 feet tall!! :D
antoniraj (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
yes, this will work for nails also.
choche062 years ago
I'm from Mexico, but thanks for the info
apritchard2 years ago
Having read the article I remembered such words: "The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web."
antoniraj (author)  apritchard2 years ago
thank you...
choche062 years ago
It's really nice, but where can I find the henna tree?
antoniraj (author)  choche062 years ago
where do you live..? Nowadays Henna plant is grown in most of the places, indoors during winters and outdoors during summer. You can also find online stores selling Henna seeds and seedlings