Step 3: Cake Hat!

Now on to the cake...sort of...

I decided to make a faux cake for the top tier because there's already too much cake for the people who will be eating it.

I cat a section of card, cut slits into the top, folded them in then taped it. You can use anything the right shape for this part as long as its light and clean.

I rolled out some grey fondant, cut it to size and glued it on. I then cut out some small shapes and strips and stuck them on with a touch of water.  (water dissolves the sugar a bit and makes it sticky)

I seemed to have mislaid the process photos but I've put some final pictures so you get the jist. (I will add them later if i find them)

This is awesome! Great present you can eat and keep. Nom nom cake part and then lovely candle for a keepsake. Great work! :-)
This is awesome! Very creative idea and a very cool looking cake!
This is awesome, I love Indian Jones! I adore that you made the candle for the top as well, very cool! Did you enter the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/cake2012/" rel="nofollow">cake decorating contest</a>?
Thank you! <br>I have entered but it's being moderated. <br> <br>Fingers crossed!
I will vote for ya, I think this is great! :)
Thank you, I really appreciate that!
LOL that's really cute
Thanks :)

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