Step 8: The Details and Presentation

Once you've finished the blocks, use the extra fondant to make more little details. At this point it might be nice to make personalized bits, like names, flags, etc...

Use a little bit of green fondant to make some greenery.  This was all sculpted by eye but if you have leaf cutters that would be cool too. 

Add definition and moss with gel colours

I've used brown sugar to pack around the bottom so it sits nicely on the tray and looks more authentic. :)
This is awesome! Great present you can eat and keep. Nom nom cake part and then lovely candle for a keepsake. Great work! :-)
This is awesome! Very creative idea and a very cool looking cake!
This is awesome, I love Indian Jones! I adore that you made the candle for the top as well, very cool! Did you enter the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/cake2012/" rel="nofollow">cake decorating contest</a>?
Thank you! <br>I have entered but it's being moderated. <br> <br>Fingers crossed!
I will vote for ya, I think this is great! :)
Thank you, I really appreciate that!
LOL that's really cute
Thanks :)

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