Indiepedal - Human Powered Energy


Introduction: Indiepedal - Human Powered Energy

everything you need to build this Human powered energy station you can find in the provided PDF.

The Project was conducted as student project, further steps for development would be the following:

1. To reduce noise level, change the gear system to a belt system.

2. In order to optimize pedalling experience, fix the distance from chair to pedal

3. The indicator for the power state of the battery is not the best one so look for better solutions.

We encourage to not only build this project but treat it well and contribute to it's development.

Have fun!!!!!



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    I always thought that it would be interesting to get a bunch of these on an electric bus so that it is partially self powered by the passengers.

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    That idea is totally rad! Hahaha. I would totally ride that one :)