Picture of Indigo Dyeing: Shibori


In this instructable we will cover three different types of Shibori; binding, block and the relief patterning wrapping a skane wrap will give.

Shibori is the japanese art of covering a section of cloth to resist absorbing dye or oxidation and therefore will leave the relief the color of the fabric, different methods can be applied to create seepage and some interesting edge effects. It dates back to the 8th century and was usually done with Indigo.

Step 1: Find a Partner

Picture of Find a Partner
A fellow human bean will be needed for most of these steps. A clamp may help too. 

Other materials:

Wooden block, saw if new shape is desired
Water atomizer
Mixed Indigo vat
Natalina1 year ago
This is a really well documented and professional instructable. Thank you for sharing!
Wow! This looks awesome!