Indoor Airsoft Target on the Cheap and Easy


Introduction: Indoor Airsoft Target on the Cheap and Easy

Purchase items-I got everything from Walmart

Mainstays Basic Pop Up Hamper $2.88

Crafter's Choice Pillow Insert16x16 $3.47

Avery Assorted Neon Color-Coded Dots, 0.75", 315ct $2.00 or stamp like Universal Round Message Stamp, STAR, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red $7.25

ACCO Medium Binder Clips, Steel Wire, 5/8" Cap, 1 1/4"w, Black/Silver, Dozen $2.74

Georgia-Pacific Standard Multipurpose Paper, 8.5" x 11", 20lb, 92 Brightness, 500 Sheets $3.72

If you have paper, the binder clip, and draw on the paper for a target the cost is less than $10.00

If you have to buy everything the cost is around $15.00

Step 1: Open Hamper and Put Pillow in Bottom

Just open up the pop-up hamper and place the pillow in the bottom

Step 2: Fold Paper and Clip to Top

Fold approximately one inch at top of copy paper and place one or more dots on sheet

I usually just put one dot in the middle of the paper

another mod to this is to buy a stamp and stamp a star or smiley face or anything on the paper

clip the folded paper to the top of the hamper and shoot away

the pillow keeps most of the airsoft bbs from bouncing out of the hamper




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    Fun idea. My roommate in college did this all the time because it was something that he could easily hide in the dorms.