Indoor Bigfoot jeans recycle flip flops tutorial

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Hi, the summer is here, finally and I did get the idea of having indoor Bigfoot fabric flip flops instead of slippers. When I’m going out flip flops are perfect for putting them on my feet and then why don’t I have one pair for the slipper version? So now I have it, and you could have them too.
PS did I mention this is a recycle project too? I know you already love it. OK, I love them. My kid loves them, (yes, I did get one order from her, but I think we will use them in a kindergarten instead of her slippers).
This is simple step by step tutorial in a Tutorial Girl Style with a lot of photos
…here are a few pictures so enjoy the long summer and make your favorite pair for yourself or your family member.
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Step 1: Step by step photo instructions

Picture of Step by step photo instructions
If you want you could download all the steps in one pdf. file. (it is on the bottom of this step), if not, here are the rest of them:

For indoor fabric flip flops we need to have:
- (1.) Recycle favorite jeans in to small scraps and sew
them in a fabric collage with free motion stitches:
- (2.) foot size yoga mat - foam
- (3.) 20 cm of shoe lace (for both flip flops)
- (4.) embroidery floss
- (5.) seam scraps from our jeans pants

Step 2:

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At the back of the picture is our finished flip flop and
at the front is our new scraps patchwork fabric.

Step 3:

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Draw and cut your foam a little bigger then your foot
is. (Mine are 1 cm all-around but I like to have really
"bigfoot" flip flops. You could copy your favorite pair if
you like the shape.
For top jersey cut 6 mm bigger fabric then foam is.

Step 4:

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Bottom fabric (I will use black jeans) need to be bigger
then top jeans if you want to have stitches on top edge
of the flip flop. Look your foam thickness and use this
for reference.

Step 5:

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Make a zig zag stitch all-around both fabrics.
AmyCat591 year ago
Great idea... Time to start using up all those old worn-out blue jeans!
nice project and very good pictures!
miklavcic (author)  andrea biffi2 years ago
Thanks for you nice comment.
sniffydogs2 years ago
Very nicely written and excellent step-by-step instructions! Thank-you!