Step 7: Making Sapcers and Mounting the Bike

Picture of Making Sapcers and Mounting the Bike
16 bike set in trainer.JPG
17 spacers made of  plywood cut with a hole saw.JPG
18 threaded rod and wing nuts replace hub assemble of rear wheel.JPG
indoor trainer 2 007.JPG
Now that the trainer is pretty much finished it is time to prepare to mount the bike. If you left enough room for the derailleur to function you will have to fill that space with something. I used plywood circles cut with a circle cutter.
This was very easy I just chucked the hole saw into the drill and started drilling holes in some scrap 3/4" plywood.
1. Select the size hole cutter that will leave a circle of wood just big enough to fit into the recess where your quick release spindle lock fits.
2. Cut as many spacers as you need to fill the space from the bike to the upright on each side. I tried to center the bike between the two uprights using more spaces on the left than the right side.

With spacers cut your ready to mount the bike.
1. Cut a piece of threaded rod the same diameter as your spindle and long enough to go through both uprights with about 1 1/2" sticking out either side.
2. Remove the spindle from the rear wheel and set the bike in the trainer.
3. Begin stacking spacers between the bike and the inside of the uprights until you have a tight fit. (You may have to split a spacer to make it thinner. You can use a knife or chisel for this luckily the plywood is made in easily separated layers so you can get just the right thickness.
4. Once you have established the number of spacers start the threaded rod in through one upright and add spacers till you get to the wheel hub pass the rod through the hub and add spacers to the other side till you reach the other upright
5. Add a flat washer and a wing nut to each end of the threaded rod and tighten things down.

Now the bike is mounted and if your pedals spin without contacting the bearing supports you're done.
My pedals hit the bearing supports so I had to trim them off at an angle no big deal I used the jig saw and made the two cuts in less than a minute as you can see in the final pic.