Step 8: Go for a Spin

Picture of Go for a Spin
Now that your trainer is finished you can ride your bike when it is raining without getting wet and when it is below zero without bundling up. I hope you enjoyed this Instructable. I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors; I could not get the spell check to work. Also I wanted to comment on the pictures but my comments never loaded; sorry this is my first Instructable and I might have been going about things wrong. Thanks for reading and enjoy.
bgerlt4 years ago
Why not run some ducting off of that fan and use the airflow produced while pedaling to help keep you cool?
timnterra (author)  bgerlt4 years ago
Not a bad idea. The air is tunneled thru the base and out the front already, so really all that i'd have to do is add a piece to the front to deflect the stream of air upwards.
Broberg4 years ago
Very nice instructable. Gonna have to try this out. I love the extra block of wood you used to level out the bike. I don't think I would enjoy going "down hill" inside the house... It took me a little while to figure out what the fan is for but you pointed it out.

Thanks agin and good job.