Picture of Indoor (Faux) Campfire
A campfire is the perfect thing to warm up a room, but since I don't own where I live I don't think I can build a fire in the center of the hardwood floors and still get my deposit back. But that's okay, because I can make a fake campfire.

Perfect for:

movie nights
indoor camping
dinner party centerpieces
night lights
couch forts
adventurer clubs
school plays
having fires in rooms without fireplaces
rainy afternoons

Just look how practical it is!

The inspiration for this project is two parts - one, my inability to walk past wall of clearanced after Christmas LED twinkle lights without buying some, and the other is the video of a fireplace my grandparents had at the holidays with it's convincing illusion of warmth.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
- Blender (or other 3D modeler, optional)
- 123D
- chipboard
- lots of wood glue (white glue would work, but last time I was shopping for it I bought the wood glue gallon size, so I used that!)
- tissue paper, about 30-40 sheets (recycling packaging is A.O.K. here)
- wall repair plaster
- water based paint
- battery powered LED lights, preferably with a "twinkle" setting

Do NOT use incandescent lights for this. It is literal and figurative kindling - if you want to start a real fire go do it outside or in a fireplace. LEDs generate less heat and are a lot safer. If you're planning to run it a lot and leave it unattended, give the whole thing a coat of a fire retardant - you can order it online.
lostwhits2 years ago
Great Idea. I really love it. What was it about the embers that didn't work? Although they aren't essential, it's the small things that aren't noticed that make it all come together.
calikoala2 years ago
get some red plastic wrap and make flames and place a fan with the light and you have faux flames..
technoplastique (author)  calikoala2 years ago
I decided against using a fan because if you're close to the faux fire and you're feeling a cool breeze it pretty much kills the illusion of warmth.
Ha! This is awesome. I don't have a wall fireplace so this would be a great alternative :)
Thank you! I spend so much time trying to make really practical projects that it was fun to make something that was purely for fun once!
sunshiine2 years ago
This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!
technoplastique (author)  sunshiine2 years ago