I started this thrifty project with an attempt to see how growing herbs indoors would work. Creating an indoor herb planter seemed like an easy enough task, and to my delight, I was right.
As a usually thrifty person, I didn’t want to make it a big project and I didn’t want to spend too much money on it, so I gathered most things I had in my apartment at my disposal. I’m a bottled water drinker, however bad for the environment it may be, it helps me drink more water and stay healthy, but, at least I recycle the bottles. I had my usual recycle bin full of empty water bottles and I figured I could easily cut these and use them as small pots for growing flowers and herbs. I also had an old Coca-Cola crate that I had bought a few months ago and hadn’t used, and it was the perfect thing for placing the recycled plastic pots in. After a bit of soil, some water, and sunlight, I had life right in my windowsill! You’re not limited to a wooden Coca-Cola crate, but you can use a multitude of other things as thrifty indoor herb planters.

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

What did I use to make the indoor herb planter? Here’s a list of supplies that I used. You can tailor this list to your livestyle and financial needs.

-24 empty water bottles, which happens to be the exact amount that comes in the packs which costs $2.49 at Wal-Mart,
-Coca-Cola crate which I picked up for $7.00 at an estate sale, you can find these a bit pricier on craigslist or use something different,
-A pair of scissors – I had a pair that I’ve had since middle school
-A few packets of seeds which cost around $1.00 each or less. I used about four packets of Cilantro, a packet of Cacti seeds, and some Morning Glory seeds
-A bag of soil which can be found for under $5.00,
-Water, which you can get for mere pennies,
-Sunlight, which is FREE.
-Total cost for this project if you don’t have any supplies would be just under $20. A pretty low price for a thrifty person if you know where to shop.
<p>this looks cool but where can i get a coca cola crate besides craigslist</p>
very nice planter
Thank you!
Great idea using water bottles and I love the vintage look with the coca-cola crate. I definitely want to try making something like this.
Thanks for the positive feedback! I really like incorporating vintage items with newer items or different functionality. I plan on doing an instructable with how to incorporate items into your home with different functionality and style.

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