Indoor Ice-Skating - 5 Min Project





Introduction: Indoor Ice-Skating - 5 Min Project

This is a really easy 5 minute project that almost anyone could do.

Follow the simple steps and you too can have a ice rink in your bedroom !

Leave a comment !

p.s. i take no responsibility for any injuries acquired as a result of this project .



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    lol, terrorist cat in the end! i've made tuns of people fall down in my living room using this...oh ya and my cat fell xD

    thanks joey, your making us Americans look very intelligent.

    looks like fun.

    thats not the point...

    exactly. it has no point, so it's pointlessness isn't the point. now, without looking back, how many times did i say "point"?

    i tried this and it was so much fun! but i think i put too much on and passed out onto my bed (luckily :P).


    i used to get a smooth board, spray the bottom of the board and stand on it. put the board on top of carpet and jump on it, push yourself around and stuff LOL it was so fun. (sprayed side down)

    Oh, disappointment!

    I was hoping for a video of Robot skating, probably in stop-motion.

    I can wait, though...

    Stands back and breaths through nose.