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If you’re like me, you love pets, but you don’t like their hair and dirt all over the house. I wanted a solution! I looked at pet barriers in specialty pet catalogs; however, I didn’t find any tall enough to keep cats secluded to an area. Cats can climb or jump over almost anything.

Since I couldn’t find what I wanted, I started searching for materials that I could use to build my own pet barrier. I went to Home Depot and found everything I needed to build this 57.5″ tall x 135″ wide pet barrier.

Get a list of materials and instructions at ImagineMechanix.


mmcnatt (author)2015-07-04

I have a wide entrance in my den that I've been racking my brain about building a cat barrier for that's not ugly or inconvenient for people to use. This is perfect! Thanks for uploading your project. I'm off to the hardware store...

Zekka (author)2015-10-13

Could this be modified to fit a carpeted room that spans 144 inches across? Could I possibly secure to walls with the industrial velcro strips? I do not want to destroy the paint or drill as it is a studio apartment with strict policies. :(

dmariemart (author)Zekka2015-12-16

I think the answer is yes to both of your questions. In order to adhere to the wall with velcro srtips, I think you'll need to hinge 2x2s to your last trellis frames. You would put the velcro on the 2x2s.

katerlyn (author)2015-09-08

They make outdoor extensions to fences to inhibit cat climbing, perhaps a roof-like section over the top, say 6 inches deep, could hinder mountain-climbing cats?

mim1503 (author)2015-08-07

I've been looking for a solution to divide my lounge room so that my 18 year old cat is separated from my 4 rescued cats. I think that my cats could climb this screen. What's been your experience? They climbed my screen door when they were 5 weeks old.

dmariemart (author)mim15032015-08-10

My cats did not climb the barrier. Then a stray became part of my pack, and since she was used to climbing fences, she climbed the barrier with no trouble. She set a bad example, and then soon I had another rescued stray climbing the barrier.

I think the barrier works fine for cats that do not have experience climbing complicated structures. I think if your cats only have experience climbing things into which they can inject their claws, they might not climb this. To climb this barrier, the cat must leap up the "rungs" in 2-3 "strides." Only my rescue cats that were strays could do this.

mim1503 (author)dmariemart2015-08-14

Thanks for your reply . I ended up using two book cases to create a wall. The challenge was not to put any marks on the floor or wall. Went to Bunnings and bought all the materials from there. Used MDF board and screwed it into the bookcases and attached a roller in the middle. The cat managed to get over it! Plan B is to block off the kitchen with some wooden slats. Am buying an IKEA product Mandala bedhead for the slats. See how I go. ( I've got an 18 year old and a rescue mother at with her four (now grown up) kittens. The old cat can't tolerate the others.

mim1503 (author)mim15032015-08-31

Correction. name of the IKEA product should read Mandal not Mandala. Cost is $200 per Bedhead, size is 240cm X 62cm.I end up buying three. But have since worked out that I can make a pattern of taking out one slat and then have two slats and so on.The cats cant get through so I could have just purchased two bedheads instead of three.

mim1503 made it! (author)mim15032015-08-30

Here are the pics requested. Sadly the old cat passed away last week. We will dismantle the wall and use the sliding door to block of the kitchen.

dmariemart (author)mim15032015-08-30

I'm very sorry to learn about your old kitty.

Thank you for sharing your pictures. I do like your sliding door.

mim1503 (author)2015-08-14

Made a wall to separate my 18 year old cat from my 5 rescue cats!

dmariemart (author)mim15032015-08-15

That's great!! Share a picture.

redfoxtrystman (author)2013-08-01

I like it I want to do this out of the plastic ones for my kids. Just to have to find out if they are toxic to baby's

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