Picture of Indoor Wooden Castle
Today for the world's biggest show and tell I have an indoor wooden castle. It's an 11 foot wide, 4 foot deep, 9 foot tall castle I built for my boys in our living room. Don't ask me how I got my wife to ok this, I'm not even sure.

I made it out of plywood, 2x4's, MDF, screws and paint for just a few hundred dollars.

After a few sketchup drawings, room measurements and some internet research on castles. I came up with this original design.

The build took a few weeks because I was designing and constructing during those precious few weekend hours during the boys nap time.

Step 1: Walk through

Starting from the left you have a 12 inch step up to a double padded and carpeted platform. This serves two purposes. One, it gave me some storage space and two it keeps very little ones from trying to climb up where they should not be. This leads to two windows that are actually the steps to the upper level. A built in handle helps get us older "kids" up to the top level. (Picture 1)

The top level has a nice large carpeted play area that leads you across a bridge giving access to the tower with fireman's pole. (Picture 2)

In the tower foam padding lines the hole and side walls with a custom made pillow fitting around the pole at the bottom. (Picture 3)

After sliding down the pole you find two built in shelves in the tower for storage and a side entrance to the main castle hall. (Picture 4,5)

Inside the main hall we have a nice dragon tapestry covering the back wall and a medieval looking mirror. (Picture 6) Just inside the front door is a push button light switch that controls the inside string lights and outside torch lamps. (Picture 7)

The front has two plastic torches that actually flicker for a great effect. A wooden shield is attached above the main door which was saved from my childhood. The tower has two long thin windows resembling the archers windows used in real castles.
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shruti.takhral11 months ago

awesome creation

jovad2 years ago
You make lovely things! Especially this castle and the prayer kneeler are nice...
Kallandra2 years ago
Wow, that is amazing! I'd love to have one of these for myself, 17 years and all. Absolutely brilliant, 10/10.
lobodawg5 years ago
I did it!! Took me 3 weekends to build and another week to collect the materials. Thanks for the plans. The sketchup helped a great deal. I've always wanted to build a dollhouse for my daughter, but she's 10 now and she has 3 younger brothers. Figure I'd better build this or I'd regret it for the rest of my life. For the fire pole, I found a 10 ft fence post works great and costs much less than an electrical conduit.
Someone requested better pictures. Here you go!.
Stryker (author)  lobodawg5 years ago
That looks great.  I'm so happy someone actually used one of my instructables.  Post more pictures if you have them I'd love to see more.
amylooraptr5 years ago
I really want to say that I will build this for my kids, but that's a lie, I will actually be building this in my new home for myself and my husband hahaha. I can't wait.
Sowee5 years ago
You really like to build things for your sons! Very cool castle!
-gabe-5 years ago
Hot damn! I would move into something like that if only my mom would let me build it. That's pretty sweet though
mcmatt115 years ago
That's frickin awesome!
Stryker (author)  mcmatt115 years ago
Thanks, it was fun to build and the kids love it.
woe I like, you put a lot in to it. the detail is outstanding. I'm very impressed
Shinta7866 years ago
wow, this is very nice. I'd never come up with such an idea. The kids must have loved this. BTW, do you have a video of your 72V bike?
Stryker (author)  Shinta7866 years ago
Thanks it's a lot of fun. Sorry no good videos of my bike. I'll try to take some this year.
ahhhh yes-I make lists for my husband, but he just glares at me lol. Still a fab looking ible though:0)
would you make one for me too? I am technology challenged lol
Stryker (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
Sorry my woodshop is closed for the winter and the wife has already got my spring to do list started.....
How do you vote? I'll vote for this
you convinced your wife? WOW that's impressive :) the castle is cool too haha
ichiwazaryu6 years ago
Cute, looks very doable
alkacojo6 years ago
Congrats on becoming a finalist in the contest. You deserve to win
radiorental6 years ago
Excellent instructable. Curious about the plywood you used... it looks sort of green in the photo - its not pressure treated is it??
Stryker (author)  radiorental6 years ago
Thanks. No it's not pressure treated, it must just be the lighting.
My son would have LOVED this when he was a young boy. Utterly fantastic!
I'm 26 and I want one, lol. Maybe I'll have to make one. . . for my kids, really... lol Very cool Instructable, Stryker.
junisponds6 years ago
very cool - looks like fun!
teamcoltra6 years ago
I think this is EXACTALY what I need for my spare room that I couldn't think of anything to do with.
LaPorte_H6 years ago
This is awesome! Fantastic job. Wanna build one at our house?
Awesome idea! but I don't want my mom to murder me.
Awesome job! I wish I had kids young enough to enjoy something like this.
bedbugg26 years ago
thats amazing! great use of space.
Rishnai6 years ago
I think it's great when people build things like this for kids. It's something your boys will remember and charish long after your wife wants her living room back.
skunkbait6 years ago
Nice job!
wonderbro6 years ago
Great instructable, great idea, great job
Lends to the imagination.
nitrox0276 years ago
That is awsome, I wish i had one even though i wouldnt fit -GREAT JOB 2 thumbs up
grantdevine6 years ago
Wish I had one of these when I was a kid but failing that I can't wait to have kids of my own to build this for. I'm thinking knight costumes and big dragon marrionette puppets XD
alkacojo6 years ago
I have seen this in person and it is unbelievably great. It totally makes the playroom. It looks great and is totally kid safe and friendly. The kids love it. There is a sliding pole in one part of the castle that is fun for the kids as well. Also you have to be a certain height as a kid to be able to climb up to the top part -small ones can get up there but it requires an adult's help. A lot of thought and imagination went into this build.
woah! 5*
omnibot6 years ago
I want you for a parent!!!
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