Indor Green House





Introduction: Indor Green House

Me and my dad needed a way to start some plants in the middle of winter and this is what i came up with with most of the parts coming from my garrage and around the house. This is my fisrt instructable too, so lets hope it turns out good.

Step 1: Parts

A 12 volt computer fan
Some kind of heater with a thermastat (I used an old water bed heater i had lying in the garage)
A 12v dc power supply (Mine used to be used for outdoor lights, even had a timer on it!)
2 1 watt 100ohm resistors not pictured
1 1/2 watt 470 ohm resistor not pictured
4 red super bright leds not pictured
1 blue super bright led not pictured
Circut board
Small storage box
Srews misc

Step 2: Install Fan

i put the fan were i wanted it traced it on the inside and cut out with a jigsaw. Then drill the four holes for the screws and screw it in.

Step 3: Add Heater

Drill a hole in the corner big enough for the heater pad cable to fit through. Mount the thermastat next to the fan by drilling two holes and screwing it in. mount the tempature probe on the screws of the fan towards the top of the box. Leave the heater pad out for now.

Step 4: Make the Light

Follow the shamtic and arange it how you want it. I put the four red in a square and the blue in the middle. Sorry for the bad Drawing

Step 5: Instal the Light

Use 4 self tapping screrws with spacers to mount the board to the wall of the contaner and feed the wire for the positive and the negative wire through the whole you drilled earlier.

Step 6: Add the Timer

connect the positive and negative wires from the fan and the light to the termanels on the back and screw the timer on to the box. Mine kinda off hangs of a little bit but it stays on nicely.

Step 7: Add the Heater Pad

Feed the chord through the hole and lay the heater pad neatly on the bottom of the box. Mine overhung so i just folded over itself and it fit rather nicely. Then plug the chord into the thermastat and your ready to go.

Step 8: Finished!

Now all you need to do is plug it in set the timer add the plant and wait. I have my timer set to have the light on 14 hours a day and the thermastat is set to 75 degress. I also took a water bottle glued a hose to the lid and hung it from a stand to keep a constant supply of water on my plant.



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    I don't know if you need the fan but if you don't use it I would cut some holes in the box just to help with ventilation.

    Yeah, it needs ventilation, the thought occurs that the fan will add cold air and remove humidity - the hole alone would probably be good enough. L

    In my experience, seedlings can benefit from some forced air movement. It seems to help strengthen and stiffen their stems. Another consideration is that forcing air around makes it harder for pests and diseases to be comfortable.

    As far as CO2, plants generally can use more than they normally get. (while in that phase of respiration for the day). So moving the air keeps the CO2 concentration up.

    You may want to try to slow down that fan though. It doesn't have to be a constant direct wind storm :P

    Cool little setup! I like the heat pad and the light

    It is good to have a fan, to continually replace the oxygen that the plant uses up.

    A hole that big will allow enough air in and out - I've never seen full size greenhouses with massive fans ventilating them, the idea of a greenhouse is to keep heat in. And plants predominately use up CO2


    I don't think this is a recipe for growing orchids.

    Tomatoes are a popular choice for greenhouses, but the same applies : you don't have a big fan blowing air through them. And tomatoes / orchids don't need plenty of oxygen.


    Greenhouses are pretty big. I think this thread is more about a growing area smaller than a pantry.

    Can you use a regular 60 watt light bulb?

    I didnt understand the point of the LED's other than visibility. Dont you want warmth coming from them as well?

    2 replies

    Pkm is right. I have the box out in my garage were there isn't to much light so they are to help the plants grow.


    The LEDs are providing light for the plant- plants absorb red and blue light for photosynthesis, and there are plenty of other Instructables about growing plants with red and blue LEDs. All the heat the plant could want is provided by the heater, it could probably adequately warm a much larger space actually.