Industrial Armoire

Picture of Industrial Armoire
note scratches.jpg
I wanted a storage unit near my front door in an industrial style similar to "Restoration Hardware" but couldn't wrap my head around spending $4000.  So this is what I came up with for $75 and a little elbow grease.  It started with a craigslist find with "some cat scratches" for $15, a little stain, some metal strapping and random connectors from the decking section of my local big box store. Obviously, you won't be able to replicate it exactly but hopefully the technicques I used might inspire your own creation!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Metal pieces.jpg
Framing tabs from Michael's.jpg
Martha Stewart Gunmetal gray to age metal.jpg
fencing material with small openings.jpg
sand paper and orbital sander.jpg
Just a piece of T-shirt.jpg
bun feet replaced by casters.jpg
Driftwood stain from Rustoleum
Ebony Stain from Cabot
60 grit and 120 grit sandpaper
Lightweight metal connectors from the decking department
framing tabs
various washers, acorn nuts, screws,
Dark gray metallic paint for "aging" the metal connectors, framing tabs, washers etc.
tight mesh fencing similar to chicken wire
3 inch number stencils or stickers

Orbital or palm sander
power screwdriver
T-shirt rags, foam brushes and/or Q-tips :)
wire cutters
clazman10 months ago
This is grrrrrrrrreat! Love the retro look with the attributes of steampunk.

My mom did something like this years ago converting console TV's into curio cabinets.

The "chicken wire" you used is actually wire mesh. This looks like 1/8". It also comes in 1/4" and 1/2".
gena2867 (author)  clazman10 months ago
Thanks, I had that wire mesh stored in my shed for so long, I couldn't remember what it was called. I love the slick modern look of the futuristic fifties but I like the industrial/steampunk to add a little grit, too. Post a pic of what your mom has done if you get a chance.
armstk18011 months ago
Mostly it's like militarily boxes :)
Nice idea

Take care .... Mohammad
gena2867 (author)  armstk18011 months ago
I haven't seen military boxes but I would guess they are similar style. Thanks for your comment!
Beergnome gena286711 months ago
I use a wooden case that was used to hold two Howitzer shells as a Gig box for my DJ rig. pretty much raw wood, built for purpose.. nylon rope hand holds.. a simple chest..

also.. I think that cat was angry at that chest.
gena2867 (author)  Beergnome11 months ago
Cool! Do you DJ heavy metal? Get it? Howitzer shells=heavy metal. OK that was a really lame play on words. :) I didn't ask to see what kind of cat made these scratches since I was afraid they would bring out a jungle cat!
Beergnome gena286711 months ago
I've been known to break out some old school industrial electronic late night at my halloween shows :D
I forgot to mention that the build and re-purpose looks great!
armstk180 gena286711 months ago
Have ever been military service ?! if you was there you could see lot of heavy box for weapons or other important parts

Take care .... Mohammad
RedBinary11 months ago
corcutt11 months ago
Awesome! I love how you used odds and ends from different departments to get this look. Thanks for sharing.
flyingpuppy11 months ago
LOVE that you put this armoire on wheels!
avisser11 months ago
valkgurl11 months ago

Very cool!
wc44411 months ago
Cat scratches? From what? A tiger?...Awesome looking cabinet, by the way. I'm planning on making a new bed frame/headboard for my son and I think he'd really like something done in that style.
gena2867 (author)  wc44411 months ago
Post a pic of the bed when you finish, I would love to see it!
DeadIron11 months ago
Nice job!! This looks very nice!
gena2867 (author)  DeadIron11 months ago
Rombie11 months ago
Really liked the style and now I'm planning my own for my man cave. I voted for you :)
gena2867 (author)  Rombie11 months ago
Thanks! I think something in this style will look great in a mancave. Post a pic when you get it finished, 'cause I love to see what other people come up with.
dangerine11 months ago
omg, you should enter this into designsponge's before/after thread.

would love to see something industrial and toothy like your creation featured there!
The Rambler11 months ago
That is very cool.
gena2867 (author)  The Rambler11 months ago